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The Vizzlo Changelog

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Nov 25, 2019 — v665

NEW Create templates for your teams! As admin or brand manager of an organization simply create a document in the Templates folder in your documents dashboard.

Data Input
Bug Fixes

NEW. Data in the form of, say [$1, $2, $3] or [1%, 2%, 3%] will be parsed correctly now if you specify a prefix or suffix before data import

Fixed. Empty lines were displayed as <br> in spreadsheet

Fixed. Columns couldn't be resized for some charts

Fixed. Content inside the spreadsheet wasn't editable anymore after you used the auto-completion out of bounds

Bug Fixes

Waterfall Chart: for topmost entries of stacked bars a prefixed '+' was missing

Treemap: we mapped the wrong color code to 'content color' you set in the theme