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The Vizzlo Changelog

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Jan 24, 2020 — v675


NEW Document history! Browse versions, restore them or create a new document as a copy. None of your changes will be lost. Click on the chart title in the menu bar and then Document history ... or use the shortcut and press Strg/Cmd + Shift + Alt + H to open it.

Read our help center article for more details.

User Experience
Simple Gantt

NEW You can drag and drop activities vertically now

NEW Milestones can have their own date format independent of axis settings and activity settings.

We also improved the grid line positions and respective date labeling of the horizontal axis. You don't need to worry about it and we take care of a good format here.

Fixed. The placement of date & description in some edge cases now works as expected.

Stacked Bar Chart
Bug Fixes

NEW You can place category labels now directly to the last bar instead of having them in a legend.

Stacked bar chart: place the category labels to the last bar

Fixed. The number format of sum labels was totally off when you displayed individual values as percentages too. That is now working.

Fixed. There was an updated error of axis labels after you reordered your bars. That is also working now.

We have added support for formatting the number in centered label. Now can be more precise than ever.

Bug Fixes
Data Input

Fixed. There were multiple crashes in our spreadsheet when parsing date data. This should work now without any issues (hopefully).