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The Vizzlo Changelog

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Feb 6, 2020 — v678


NEW This changelog! 🎉

NEW You can resize the width of the columns now! Simply drag it to the left and right to make your Gantt Chart even better.

Small UX improvements: Selecting (and deleting) a segment will no longer select (and delete) the whole activity anymore. example of a Gantt chart

Milestones are now connected with a line when they get moved away from their position; also the performance of the chart has improved a lot

User Experience

Color picker: it became a lot easier to change the color of an element. Simply click on the color code an edit it!

Quickly insert the HEX of the color of your choice with the new color picker

Bug Fixes

Organizational Chart: there was an update issue when you have changed one entry to be an intermediate role

Time Series Graph: The chart crashed when when you displayed your series as area that contained missing data

Annotations: the drag handler were a bit off when you rotated a line