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The Vizzlo Changelog

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Oct 1, 2021 — v871

Activity segments will now show a tooltip while moving. Some issues affecting the spreadsheet use of Gantts where fixed.

Big update to our PowerPoint integration on Windows:

  • We fixed high memory and CPU usage and also improved the startup and slide switching performance.
  • We fixed some errors that could prevent the add-in from being correctly installed for some people.
  • Issues with concurrent editing of PowerPoint files were addressed in this version.
  • We resolved issues some people could run into when dealing with duplicated PowerPoint documents.

If you are a user of a prior version of the PowerPoint integration on Windows, you might need to take these manual steps to upgrade

Bug Fixes

We fixed an issue where some text was hidden, when using multi-selection. Also, the theme selector popup will not behave a bit better and not jump around.