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The Vizzlo Changelog

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Oct 12, 2021 — v873

Milestones are now always aligned with the starting and ending of a segment!

We fixed a bug that could cause some milestones' labels to be positioned wrongly.

A bug that caused malfunctioning of the editor after using the spreadsheet was fixed.

User Experience

NEW: We added a brand new toolbar to the visualization editor! Check it out!

Data Input

You can now use the F2 key to edit cell content in the spreadsheet.


It's now possible to drag & drop to move documents and folders to the sidebar on the Dashboard.

Bug Fixes

We improved the rotation for the annotations (from the toolbar). Also, we fixed some bugs with the footnotes and the colorpickers in the sidebar.

We fixed a bug that could prevent the proper installation of the PowerPoint Add-in from the Desktop app.

If you are a user of a prior version of the PowerPoint integration on Windows, you might need to take these manual steps to upgrade