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The Vizzlo Changelog

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Nov 1, 2021 — v875

NEW: The styling of individual numerical value labels can now be modified—much in the same way you've been able to format the text labels before.


NEW: Shortcuts on Google Drive can now be used to connect a document to an external source.

NEW: Shared drives that you're a member of will now show up when connecting your Google Drive to Vizzlo.

User Experience

The user interface when moving documents and folders was made easier to handle when you have hundreds of folders to work with.

A confirmation dialog will now be prompted if you close the theme without saving your work.

Marimekko chart
User Experience

Changing between 100% Stacked and Absolute Y-axis is now possible from the Layout Settings.

Radar Chart
Bug Fixes

We solved a bug affecting the creation/deletion of new series from the spreadsheet.

User Experience
Bug Fixes

Fix an issue where sometimes color pickers became usable when too many popover are opened.