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The Vizzlo Changelog

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Jan 31, 2022 — v893


The visual distance between legend items in top or bottom position is improved.


Your cursor now switches on hovering line annotations to indicate the moving interaction upon click.

Bug Fixes

The fallback options if a theme cannot be resolved are now improved.

The messages shown to you if an error occurred are now showing the actual error message.

The home screen is now showing thumbnails if the dashboard is in list mode.

Converting your document to a different chart type now ensures all changes are part of the new document, too.

A bug that caused the integration to be stuck on loading if the account for a running Chrome session was different from the logged in account for the current tab was fixed.

Timeline Chart
Bug Fixes

Adding historical dates is now possible after using the checkbox in the sidebar.

Time Series Graph
Bug Fixes

An issue with the axis labels that could break the chart was solved.