Org Chart


  • Vertical or horizontal hierarchy
  • Name/job title and description
  • Custom colors for single boxes
  • Automatic colors for whole levels
  • Optional multiple trees
What is an org chart?

The org chart (also referred to as organization/organizational chart, organigram or organogram) is a very straightforward and intelligible plan that shows the whole structure and hierarchical levels of organizations. In other words, it allows you to visualize formal relations of subordination within a company.

You can also use this diagram to map different kinds of hierarchical structures, e.g., family trees, language groups, and fields of knowledge.

How to make an org chart with Vizzlo?

This vizzard is an intuitive online organizational chart maker that, differently from a fixed template, adjusts its layout and boxes to your content automatically. Just follow these easy steps to design a beautiful org chart and map complex organizational structures:

  • Click on the boxes to edit them.
  • Use the “plus” buttons on the sides of each box to add further elements.
  • Create separate boxes or multiple trees by adding elements on the first level of the hierarchy.
  • Easily drag and drop entire branches and single boxes.

Pro tip: Take a look at the org chart examples to get inspired!

Use Cases
Project Management


Org Chart example: Asean Secretariat Organisational Structure
Org Chart example: Biodiversity As A Base For Success
Org Chart example: Genealogy Of The German Language
Org Chart example: Our Fourth Generation Is Coming
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Example Org Chart
Example Org Chart
Example Org Chart
Example Org Chart
Example Org Chart