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Vizzlo for PowerPoint/Online

Harness the power of 100+ charts directly from your presentation
Vizzlo for PowerPoint

Spice up your PowerPoint presentations with Vizzlo's add-in

A real timesaver to create stunning Vizzlo charts and graphics without leaving PowerPoint. Edit your existing work and collaborate directly from your slides.

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A portfolio of over 100+ charts and business graphics inside PowerPoint

Navigate through Vizzlo’s rich portfolio and create high-quality charts without putting pressure on your graphic designers. With Vizzlo, you don’t need any designer skills to create stunning PowerPoint presentations and deliver the same degree of professionalism every time.

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Save time by working on your presentation and your visuals simultaneously

You can access your shared folders and have the latest version of your team’s work at your disposal. Moreover, your whole team can quickly apply your corporate design and favorite themes to all the Vizzlo visualizations in your presentation.

Quickly create engaging Gantt charts, timelines and
data-driven graphs in PowerPoint

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  • 100% in-app experience
  • Embed personal and shared documents
  • Keep your presentation up to date
  • Easy to create, customize and edit charts
  • Enjoy the versatility of Vizzlo's portfolio

Learn about the advantages and how to use Vizzlo's powerful add-in in the Help Center.

How to integrate Vizzlo's complete portfolio into PowerPoint

It is as quick to install, as it is easy to use:

  1. 1. Open PowerPoint and select the "Insert" tab

  2. 2. Click on "Store" or on "My Add-ins."

  3. 3. Enter "Vizzlo" in the search bar

  4. 4. Click on "Add" once you have found the add-in

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