Senior JavaScript/TypeScript Frontend Engineer (React)

at Vizzlo, Leipzig (Germany)

Help us kickstart a new era of mind-blowing business graphics accessible to everyone!

Vizzlo is looking for an experienced frontend developer to join our small team with big ideas. We are seasoned entrepreneurs with an open mind, talk plainly to each other, and improve anything we're working on until it's perfect.

As a frontend engineer, you'll:

  • Implement new features of our React application – web, native, and mobile alike.
  • Work on the technological underpinnings that bring our business visuals to life.
  • Make sure the application works as smoothly as a baby's bottom on all platforms.
  • Build prototypes based on mockups thrown at you any time.
  • Work closely with the founders on improving the ideas and concepts behind the product.

What we're looking for:

  • 3+ years of frontend development experience.
  • High Proficiency in TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, and relevant build tools.
  • Comfort in at least one modern JS frontend framework: React, Angular, Ember.js, ….
  • Experience in implementing mobile apps for example with React Native is a plus.
  • Familiarity with D3.js or any JavaScript chart framework is a big plus.
  • A shared vision and a strong commitment to leave the beaten path.

What we don't care about:

  • Your gender, where you're coming from, etc.
  • The degree you have—or not have.
  • The tools you use to do your job.

What we offer:

  • Full-time position with competitive remuneration package.
  • Startup environment where your motivation and energy can make a difference – we learn something new every day, so can you!
  • Enjoyable offices inside of an old spinning company, right in Leipzig's hipster capital: Plagwitz.
  • Daily table tennis matches.
  • Need something else? Ask!

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Welcome aboard!

Hi! I'm Hendrik, co-founder and CEO of Vizzlo.

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