User management

Get information about current user


GET /api/v1/user


JSON object containing general information about the current user and the organizations they belong to.

Name Type Description
id string Unique identifier of the current user.
avatar_url string URL which can be used to retrieve a visual representation of the user’s profile.
disable_document_storage boolean Flag that description if this user may only use the offline functionality of Vizzlo and will therefore not be able to use cloud stored documents as described in Document Management .
email string User’s email address
is_premium boolean Does this user have access to Vizzlo Premium functionality. This might be because the user has an active subscription a Vizzlo Professional plan or the user is member of an organization.
managed boolean Is this an account managed by the an Enterprise organization, or by the individual.
name string Full name of this user.
orgs array of objects List of all organisations this user is member of. (see below)
username string Legacy: Username («slug») of the current user.

For each of the listed organizations in orgs, these properties are provided:

  • id: Identifier of the organization
  • name: Full name of organizatin
  • urls: Object that contains URLs:
    • endpoint: API endpoint of this specific organization
    • view: HTML endpoint for this specific organization that the user can be directed to
  • role: Role of this user within the organization. Might be admin, member, or brand_manager
  • slug: Legacy: Organization slug
  "id": "abc123xyz4567",
  "avatar_url": "",
  "disable_document_storage": false,
  "email": "",
  "is_premium": true,
  "managed": false,
  "name": "Rob Lillack",
  "orgs": [
      "id": "xxx111xxx111",
      "slug": "acme",
      "name": "ACME Inc.",
      "urls": {
        "endpoint": "",
        "view": ""
      "role": "member"
      "id": "yyy222yyy222",
      "slug": "vizzlo",
      "name": "Vizzlo GmbH",
      "urls": {
        "endpoint": "",
        "view": ""
      "role": "admin"
  "username": "roblillack"