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Visuals, done

Create beautiful charts for Google Slides PowerPoint in seconds

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Chart Vizzard

Vizzlo's AI-based chart generator
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Easy, fast, beautiful

From the simplest pie chart to complex data visualizations, Vizzlo has the graph you need to communicate every idea.

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Any workflow, anywhere

Any workflow, anywhere

Seamless plug-ins for PowerPoint and Google Slides, cloud support, and platform-agnostic desktop apps: tools shouldn’t add extra steps to your workflow, so Vizzlo exists exactly where you want it–just when you need it.

Easy as pie

Easy as pie

Our intuitive interface takes seconds to navigate for any skill level, but handles complex data with ease. Powerful additional analysis functions are just one click away.

Not just a pretty interface

Upload the fonts, colours, layouts and logos of your corporate design to templates
that make sure everyone in your organization is on the same page.
Beautiful, flexible, aligned. Customizable design that’s always brand-safe.

Vizzlo Dashboard
Vizzlo Editor
Vizzlo Editor
Teams, building

Create together

Add members to your team and let the ideas flow–you’ll see exactly who works on which projects with document history. Smart features like time-shift and data sync make it easier than ever to update your favourite visuals in two clicks.

Bring the power of data viz to your workflow with Vizzlo

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