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Chart Vizzard

Tired of manually crafting charts and diagrams?

Let AI do the magic!

Chart Vizzard is a new feature of Vizzlo that uses the power of AI to create charts for you. Integrated into the Vizzlo dashboard, it is an alternative way to creating charts from scratch.

The tool is incredibly user-friendly, no prior experience necessary—prompt the AI with your ideas or choose from our examples and refine them.

Vizzlo for Windows and Mac


  • Instant Kickstart Whatever it is that you want to visualize, with Chart Vizzard you can skip the daunting blank canvas and jumpstart your visualizations in seconds.
  • Customizability Want to take over control? Of course, you are able to manually customize every aspect of your charts using Vizzlo’s powerful chart editor.
  • Integration Easily add your charts to Google Slides or PowerPoint and continue to modify them directly from the slide.
  • Continuous Refinement If the initial results aren't ideal, Chart Vizzard will diligently refine and adjust until you’re happy.
Chart Vizzard production line

How does it work?

Chart Vizzard in three simple steps:

  • 1. Enter your query
  • 2. AI magic in action ✨
  • 3. Open the result in Vizzlo's chart editor
    (or ask Chart Vizzard to refine)

Your time-efficiency magic trick

Reclaim your time by letting Chart Vizzard analyze text input from lengthy reports, transforming them into clear and concise graphs that enhance the effectiveness of your message.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Chart Experience?

Combine AI with the power of Vizzlo