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Introducing Vizzlo for Google Slides 2.0

Vizzlo for Google Slides now allows creating embedded charts which are stored inside the presentation itself.

The curious case of widescreen presentation formats

Why are Google Slides presentations not compatible with PowerPoint presentations?

Humanizing Numbers: How Dataviz Can Change The World

Visual communication brings light to facts in the age of misinformation.

Death to spreadsheets: How dataviz is transforming finance

The finance sector needs change, fast.

Hit your targets: Can dataviz really increase productivity?

Spot trends, communicate fast, exceed your goals

Is dataviz the new SEO buzzword?

It seems like we’re learning new buzzwords every month or so, but ‘dataviz’ has been in the air for a while now and with Google’s release...

Increase the clarity of your project schedule with 5 Charts & Timelines

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but effective planning and realistic goals will help you close your projects faster than ever.

Data viz is not for everyone

Or so the new wave of high-paid data viz experts want you to think…

Announcing Vizzlo for Google Slides: The missing chart engine is finally here

100+ different diagrams and business visualizations are now available right inside your favorite presentation program

Pie Charts, tasteful dataviz tool or evil wasted calories?

Pie Charts are not going anywhere, we might as well learn how to use them correctly.

Visualizing your business strategy has never been easier

How often have you wanted to visualize your business strategy and spent more time finding the right way to chart it, instead of working on your project?

Cheers to the new year!

And a brief 2017 recap (or why Vizzlo had a fantastic year)

Give your presentations a holiday twist!

New charts, a holiday theme, and magic…

This is why you’ll love creating PowerPoint presentations

Get to know Vizzlo’s new PowerPoint add-in

Managing innovation: beyond the sticky notes

That wall full of sticky notes looks great, but it can...

Line, area and time-series graphs

Choose the best visualization type for your data

New interface: the best Vizzlo experience yet!

Not another “productivity hack” post

On the endless search for becoming better

Share more. Collaborate better.

Preparing presentations together with your team just became easier.

Introducing Vizzlo’s new project management charts

Portfolio enhancements to power your presentations!

Death by PowerPoint — Mission 1: Rescue the Presenter