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Jan 18

User Experience

Only themes that are available to a document’s owner can be selected (private themes cannot be used for a Team’s document anymore).

The system now uses the default theme of the organization or the user if a theme cannot be resolved.

Jan 14
The update button now also updates the Teams list.
We fixed the position of the sum values.
Jan 13
We fixed the dragging of bubbles.
The drag and drop of records is working smoothly again.

Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug that could trigger an unexpected theme change.
Jan 10
Values outside of a bubble are not showing up in parenthesis anymore.

We fixed the spreadsheet getting stuck after removing all data.

Individual labels for bar series are now positioned correctly.

Labels are now positioned correctly regardless of any style changes.

User Experience

Opening the theme editor now feels smooth for every chart type.
Jan 4
We fixed a bug that prevented the proper functioning of the spreadsheet.

User Experience

We improved the access to legend settings by 1) moving them from the document layout settings to add them to the theme settings and 2) making them more accessible in a specific ‘Legend’ section in the document editor sidebar.
Jan 3

We fixed some sidebar components not showing up in some cases.

We fixed a bug in the groups dialog’s styling.

NEW You can now set up as many activities as you want.
NEW The chart now also supports slanted axis labels.

User Experience

The toolbar now enumerates multiple color input.

Hex color inputs don’t need to have the # character at the start anymore.


Dec 16


Editing themes for your organization now shows up in the audit log.
Adding activity milestones from the spreadsheet is now possible again
Dec 13


NEW We improved annotations by adding curved lines.

NEW You can now add cone shaped arrows by using the line style input.

NEW Our first charts with 3D support are here: the Pie Chart and the Donut Chart !
All the charts that support symbols now have the same settings and styles available.

Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug that caused erros when selecting a blank cell in the spreadsheet.

We solved an issue that would prevent the proper functioning of the slant labels slider.

Dec 6

NEW The classic Mercator is not the only projection option anymore: you can choose the Natural Earth projection.

NEW You can now hide country borders.


NEW You can now define paddings for text annotations.

Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug that caused margins to not be applied to subtitles.
Nov 29
NEW You can now sort activities by using the new grouping feature.
Axis titles can now be disabled.

Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug that caused text inputs on the sidebar to malfunction.

We solved a problem that would prevent documents to be saved if its folder was renamed in another tab.

Data Input

We fixed an issue that caused the copying and pasting of columns to not work properly.
Nov 22

User Experience

We improved the account creation flow for new users invited to organizations and teams.

The design of lots of dialog windows was unified.

You can now use ☆☆☆ on your Pictograph.

Bug Fixes

A bug in the contact form of the website was fixed.
Nov 12

User Experience

We implemented a change and now the Google Chrome’s minimum font size settings won’t affect the size and positioning of text elements in the Canvas.

Bug Fixes

We solved a bug that would affect the correct rendering of dashed lined on PDF exports.

A bug that would show tags on the status bar in the Spreadsheet was fixed.

Nov 9

Bug Fixes

Fix an issue, where sometimes the data-source settings did not open in the spreadsheet.

User Experience

You can now access the context menu of your documents using the icon. The styling of color picker elements was improved.
Nov 4

NEW: You can now restart the Waterfall from the baseline.

Positive and negative values are now stacked in the same column


We fixed a bug that prevented the connection to external files (xlsx; csv) using Google Drive links

User Experience

You can now check the sum, the input value, and the formatted value of selected cells directly in the Spreadsheet’s Status bar
Nov 1

NEW: The styling of individual numerical value labels can now be modified—much in the same way you’ve been able to format the text labels before.


NEW: Shortcuts on Google Drive can now be used to connect a document to an external source.

NEW: Shared drives that you’re a member of will now show up when connecting your Google Drive to Vizzlo.

User Experience

The user interface when moving documents and folders was made easier to handle when you have hundreds of folders to work with.

A confirmation dialog will now be prompted if you close the theme without saving your work.

Marimekko chart
User Experience

Changing between 100% Stacked and Absolute Y-axis is now possible from the Layout Settings.

Radar Chart
Bug Fixes

We solved a bug affecting the creation/deletion of new series from the spreadsheet.

User Experience
Bug Fixes

Fix an issue where sometimes color pickers became usable when too many popover are opened.
Oct 18
NEW: Milestones labels can now be positioned manually.

User Experience

NEW: It is now possible to duplicate elements directly from the toolbar.

NEW: We are presenting a brand new theme editor, with many improvements! Check it out:


NEW You can now change the border widths, colors, paddings, and margins of the chart header.

Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug that would make data copied from the spreadsheet to be pasted with tags.

An issue that would make the colorpicker to be rendered incomplete was solved.

Bug Fixes

A bug that would return an error if a team was created with a pre-existent name was fixed.
Oct 12

Milestones are now always aligned with the starting and ending of a segment!

We fixed a bug that could cause some milestones’ labels to be positioned wrongly.

A bug that caused malfunctioning of the editor after using the spreadsheet was fixed.

User Experience

NEW: We added a brand new toolbar to the visualization editor! Check it out!

Data Input

You can now use the F2 key to edit cell content in the spreadsheet.


It’s now possible to drag & drop to move documents and folders to the sidebar on the Dashboard.

Bug Fixes

We improved the rotation for the annotations (from the toolbar). Also, we fixed some bugs with the footnotes and the colorpickers in the sidebar.

We fixed a bug that could prevent the proper installation of the PowerPoint Add-in from the Desktop app.

If you are a user of a prior version of the PowerPoint integration on Windows, you might need to take these manual steps to upgrade

Oct 1
Activity segments will now show a tooltip while moving. Some issues affecting the spreadsheet use of Gantts where fixed.

Big update to our PowerPoint integration on Windows:

  • We fixed high memory and CPU usage and also improved the startup and slide switching performance.
  • We fixed some errors that could prevent the add-in from being correctly installed for some people.
  • Issues with concurrent editing of PowerPoint files were addressed in this version.
  • We resolved issues some people could run into when dealing with duplicated PowerPoint documents.

If you are a user of a prior version of the PowerPoint integration on Windows, you might need to take these manual steps to upgrade

Bug Fixes

We fixed an issue where some text was hidden, when using multi-selection. Also, the theme selector popup will not behave a bit better and not jump around.
Sep 21

NEW: The alignment of activity labels can now be changed.

NEW: You can also resize milestone icons.

Gridline style for tick divider are now working with more consistency. Some issues affecting parts of the context menu were fixed.

Word Cloud
Bug Fixes

Quotation marks are now being removed from the visualization.

User Experience

More date format options were added (and the format selection list was rearranged).

We’ve improved the design of the Rich Text Editor and now you can check the font type being edited.

Sep 6
On the Mac, we’re supporting the M1 chip natively, now. On Windows, the PowerPoint Add-In is now faster and more reliable. And we fixed a crash when using the portfolio search. Oops.
Axis titles can now be hidden.

Gantt Chart
Bug Fixes

Grid lines of exported PDF render perfect in Chrome’s embedded PDF viewer, too.

User Experience

The rendering of bullet points is improved for better cross-browser consistency. Also, there’s a cool new favicon for your Vizzlo editor tabs.
Aug 27

Bar Chart
Bug Fixes

Drag’n’drop behavior is fixed when working with sorted bars.

Time Series Graph
Bug Fixes

Fixed changing projection series.

Data Input
Bug Fixes

Fixed color pickers in the spreadsheet view.

User Experience

We improved the experience of editing text boxes.
Aug 25
Local milestones can now have labels spanning multiple lines.

Timeline Chart
Bug Fixes

Timeline date formatting works more reliably now when editing the same document from multiple timezones.
Jul 30

Gantt Chart

NEW: Activity dependencies can now be added and changed using drag’n’drop. Also, you can now edit segment labels, split tasks, and activity milestones from the spreadsheet—and sync them with remote Excel files or Google Sheets!
Jul 26

NEW: Subtotal (or “sum”) columns in waterfall charts now support showing multiple categories—even if the sum of some categories is negative. Check out this cool animation to see this feature in action:

Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug that made it impossible to use the rich-text functionality when the footnote was embedded into the legend.
Jul 21
Labels of task segment can now be centered or right-aligned.
Jul 14
Modifying dependencies between activities is now also possible via drag and drop.

User Experience

You can now deselect the current element by pressing [Esc].
Jul 5

User Experience
Data Input

Pressing [Return] while editing a multi-line text cell in the spreadsheet will now accept the input as in Excel or Google Sheets.

Improved selection handling of text boxes by adding cursor switches on hover as well as increasing the size of selection frames.


You can now change your account’s email address in the profile settings.

Gantt Chart
Bug Fixes

Adding new activity segments and milestones will enable showing their labels by default again.

Bug Fixes

Removing member of an organization will now make sure that the user is not listed in the respective team folders anymore.
Jun 21

Gantt Chart
User Experience

Task segments and milestones can now be moved across activities.

We added some more icons for task milestones and improved the user interface for working with segments a bit.

You can now freely change which days are part of the weekend.

Exporting PNGs in custom resolutions is working again.
Jun 14

Gantt Chart
User Experience

Handling of split tasks is now way more straightforward. Also, the ribbon used to connect different segments can be hidden now.

The date axis works in other languages than English.

Jun 10

Data Viz
User Experience

We improved the number formatting options available to you when working with level difference arrows.
Jun 7

User Experience

NEW: Vizzlo finally supports multi-selection 🌈 now! Change or remove multiple annotations, bars, countries, …, tasks, anything really, at once.

NEW: We now offer a map of the United States of America!

Bug Fixes
Waterfall Chart

The placement of certain value labels (and the UI to manage them) has been improved. We fixed a bug where sometimes multiple columns would not collapse into one after you edited the spreadsheet.
May 21

User Experience

The sidebar will now better remember the state different collapsible panes were in as you walk around the UI.

User Experience

NEW: Document updates from remote datasources can now be triggered directly from within Google Slides. No need to set up auto-sync anymore.
May 10

Waterfall Chart
Bug Fixes

We keep on giving a lot of ❤️ to the Waterfall chart.

NEW Add a level difference arrow to indicated changes from one position to another in basis points now.

Moreover, this release contains 6 bug fixes.

NEW Add a level difference arrow to indicated changes from one position to another in basis points now.

A bar chart created with Vizzlo that shows a level difference arrow and basis points.

NEW The box plot supports reference lines now. Learn more about this visualisation in our help center.


NEW You now have the option to toggle a footnote on, or off in all charts.
We fixed a bug that crashed this chart when you had added a Level difference arrow and suddenly deleted all data.
We fixed a bug for all Safari users. Solid connector lines are displayed as such when you edit your chart.
May 5

🎉 We have given the sum difference arrows a makeover.

Sum difference arrows in a waterfall chart created with Vizzlo.

New functionality includes:

  • drag and drop
  • vertical adjustment of the calculations
  • improved positioning when multiple arrows are added
  • streamlined user interface

With this release we also fixed 4 bugs in the chart related to the sum difference arrows.


NEW More options at your disposal to customise numbers. New features include:

  • 4 different option to display the sign of positive and negative numbers
  • Switch position of the sign and a prefix
When you display data labels as percentages we made sure setting applies to the sum label too.
Apr 28

Box plot
Data Viz

🎉 Vizzlo’s portfolio offers box plots now. Key features are 5 number summary statistics for each of your data columns, sorting by median, easy width and color adjustment, and a lot more to come.

A box plot made with Vizzlo.

NEW This chart supports level difference arrows now. Use this analysis feature to add an additional layer of information to your visualisation quickly.

A grouped bar chart made with Vizzlo.

Apr 23
We cleaned up the user interface and fixes some minor things about date formats.

NEW Most of our data visualisations now support SI prefixes, advanced number format options for axes and shown data labels.

Options to format number in Vizzlo charts.

Apr 9

User Experience

The usability when saving organization themes saw some improvements.


Auto-sync will now work more reliably, if the original source returns empty data.
Mar 31

Radial Percentage

Fix importing data in some cases.
Mar 25
NEW You can now add sum labels to the chart.

User Experience

Yay! The sharing dialog will now show user names and avatars.

User Experience

The listing of available themes is improved, if you’re part of multiple organizations.
Mar 24
NEW Segment labels can now take more space than the actual segments. We also updated the UI a bit.
You can now show legends, even if they only contain one entry.

Data Viz

Legend icons now scale according to the font size uses.

Bug Fixes
User Experience

We fixed a bunch of nasty text editor issues that affected Safari users.

Bug Fixes
Data Input

We fixed a crash when connecting to an empty data source.
Mar 22
We fixed updating presentations that contain Vizzlo charts which the updating user had never opened before.
Mar 18
Easier number formatting through some changes in the user interface. Showing and hiding values is possible in the same place as you format them.
We updated the default data.

Bug Fixes

  • User reported an error message when they joined a team - we fixed that.
  • Safari user don’t see the editor sidebar flickering anymore.
  • There was a chance that your charts crash when you connected to an empty Google Sheet, that should not happen anymore.
Mar 15
We cleaned up the UI and put more focus on the most important features.
Mar 11
Team folders contain an activity stream now. We also made it a lot easier to set up your team from your documents dashboard.
Adding numbers and formatting those got a lot easier due to a change in the user interface.
We fixed a bug that did not show analysis lines when your bar chart already contained a growth rate.
Mar 4

NEW There is now the option to hide all data labels, and we also streamlined the user interface.

Slight improvement to the user interface to make number formatting easier and consistent.

Line Graph
Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug that did not display your first data points when you switched between a continuous and a discrete horizontal axis.

Bar Chart
Bug Fixes

There was a chance that a scale break was not properly displayed on the vertical axis. We fixed that issue.

Data Input

While you import your data via a connection to an external data source, the option to overwrite column headers manually works as expected now and forever.
Feb 24
NEW The chart features now sorting and reversing of groups.
We fixed a bug that made grouping slices to an “Other” category not possible when you migrated from another chart to a pie chart.
Admins of Vizzlo organisations don’t see all team folders in the dashboard anymore, but only those that you are part of.
You ended up with a “undefined” label in a task, when you selected the label input from the sidebar. We removed this behaviour.
Feb 22
‘question?’ and ‘question’ are now considered as the same word.
Feb 18

Bug Fixes

  • Loading folders… no more. This release fixes a bug reported by some of you that made it impossible to move documents and folders.
  • Input elements where not always selectable in the spreadsheet when you connected your charts to an external data source. That is fixed now too.
  • We fixed a bug that caused a 403 error when you linked your documents to Google sheets at certain times.
Feb 17
Fixes a bug that added an offset for horizontal charts with multiple top level nodes.
Fixed a bug that caused you to add team members twice when creating new teams.
Feb 15
Slide change to the default date format in this chart - this is now based on your locale.

Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug that erversed the first 2 characters in the spreadsheet when you typed too quickly.
Feb 12

🎉 The Time Series Graph now supports separate colors for positive and negative values. This features works for line, bar and area charts.

A combined line and area chart with different colours for positive and negative values.

Bug Fixes

We fixed an issue with exporting custom fonts that contain special characters to PNG and PDF files.
Feb 10
Team members are able to create new document from team templates.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug for Safari users that made the sidebar flicker in some charts.
  • Folders with special characters in their name are visible again in your dashboard.
Feb 8
There is a new option for each selected category to overwrite its color.

Data Input

We added the option to prevent our servers from overwriting column header when you connect a chart to an external data source. Read how this will help you in our help center article.
Feb 5


We released the audit log for enterprise customers. This will give admins a chronological list of events that happened in their organisation.

Learn more in our help center.

The first data label was not shown for line series - we have fixed that.

Bug Fixes

It appeared that the color input stopped working after 3 characters, not anymore. We fixed the issue.
Feb 4

Data Input

🎉 Connecting a chart to an external data source has become very powerful.

You can now bring any combination of columns into Vizzlo’s spreadsheet, and they don’t even have to start in the same row.

T; R:Y; I:T; Y;O;U;R;S;E:L;F

Learn more about how to connect a chart to an external data source.

Time Series Graph
Bug Fixes

We have fixed a bug that caused the first x-axis label not to be displayed.

Bug Fixes

User’s that signed up with their AppleID got back their avatar icon.
Feb 3
Points are no longer cut-off at the edge of the diagrams. It feels like a bug fix, but it reverses what was merely an early design decision.


If you log-in with your Google account, we will now use your avatar from there.
Feb 2
You can now share team documents and team folders with non-team members.

Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug that directed you into nowhere when you deleted a document from a team folder.
Jan 28
Mentioning your teammates in comments is easier now due to newly keyboard shortcuts.


Bullet lists will always be left-aligned when you use the rich text editor.
Jan 25
It is possible now to display up to 20 series with this chart.
We added the option to update charts only on selected slides. You can still update all charts altogether.

Bug Fixes

  • You will see the correct dimension again when you change the document layout.
  • Moving and renaming folders works as expected again.
Jan 20


  1. You can now insert
    soft line breaks using the rich-text editor
  2. keyboard shortcuts for bold ⌘+b (Mac) or ctrl+b (Windows), italic ⌘+i or ctrl+i, underline ⌘+u or ctrl+u formatting are supposed now too. To clear any formatting press ⌘+\ or ctrl+\
Jan 18
We added the team name when you navigate through folders.
Jan 14
It is now possible to add an editable source in the footnote.
It was not possible to navigate into sub-folders of your team. We fixed that.
Jan 11
Axis settings are getting more flexible: we have added the option to hide axis labels.

Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug that made the user interface flicker in some charts under Safari.
Jan 7

Bug Fixes

Fix redirect after creating folders in your dashboard.


Dec 21

Bug Fixes

👋 The welcome dialog will welcome you only once now. 👋
Dec 16

🎉 Scale breaks on the y-axis are now supported.

See our help center article on bar charts for all features, tips&tricks.

It is possible again to navigate into your Box, GDrive, Dropbox and Onedrive folders from our Google Slides add-on.
Dec 5


It is now possible to connect Vizzlo documents to private XLSX, CSV files and Google sheet. For the feature to work, just connect your Vizzlo to GDrive.
Dec 4
We fixed a bug that made the sidebar not show your documents in the Google slides add-on.


Searching for documents and folders in the dashboard gives correct results again.
Dec 3
We made a slight change in the user interface to make it easier to change the number format of the data labels.
Improvement to the number formatting and the code base to avoid update loops.
We added the option for admins to create teams from the dashboard.
Dec 1

Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug that made a Gantt chart and a Project phase chart crash.
Dec 1
We have improved the position of the first and last data point. They are displayed above the line. The option to show them before or after the end of the line is still available.
Nov 23
A fix that brings back the option to add a phase in the horizontal mode of this chart.
Nov 20
👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏼 Collaboration just got better. Access team folders now in our Google Slides add-on.
We fixed a bug in the radar chart. Html tags are not visible anymore in a legend when you used the rich-text-editor to style the legend text.


We keep improving account and user management for teams and enterprise customers. New settings were added to make the lives of admins easier.
Nov 16


🎨 We improved the creation of color palettes.

No matter how many categories or series your data contains, our algorithm will do the right thing. It will add as many colors as needed for your charts. These colors are created by interpolation from the color space defined by the color palette of the theme used.

Nov 12

Bug Fixes

Chart layouts and themes created for your team will show the correct organization name in the document editor again.
Nov 11
The waterfall chart supports Level Difference Arrows too.
We fixed a bug so that drag and drop works smoothly again when rearranging groups.
The initial date format displayed in your chart will match your locale now.
Tiny improvement to avoid confusion - no negative values are allowed anymore when change the number of icons.
The visibility of the analysis features like trend line, benchmark, and reference line was improved.

Time Series Graph
Bug Fixes

We fixed a bug were a newly added shade was almost invisible. 👻
Nov 9
🎉 We added support for level difference arrows.
A minor change to minor values. The position of these values was improved when they were placed at the top of a chart. Waterfall charts in PowerPoint presentations should especially benefit from this where margins are set to 0 by default.
Oct 12

NEW We added Level difference arrows as a new analysis feature. Use it to highlight and compare values.

Drag and drop the arrow ends to calculate the sum, difference, growth rate, ratio, or add free text. Read more about level difference arrows in our Help center article on bar charts.

Sep 29


You can now sign-up with your apple ID
Sep 22
Milestones are now placed at 12pm.
Sep 18


🎉 Collaboration for team members just got to the next level. You can comment on team documents.

Read more about comments in our help center article.

NEW feature: you can now slant the axis labels in the vertical mode of a bar chart!
Sep 14

NEW The bar chart comes with three options now to change the color mode.

You can now

  • set one color for all bars
  • color positive and negative values differently, or
  • use the colors from your theme palette.

Sep 9
We streamlined the UI for the bar chart and the stacked bar chart.
You can now hide vertical and horizontal axis lines.
Aug 21


We have created a landing page for our timeline charts at
Aug 3

You can now directly add Vizzlo charts stored in Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive from the sidebar of our Google Slides integration. 📊

Jul 24

NEW Another chart waiting for you! Welcome the Marimekko chart to the Vizzlo family. 🎉

Features include:

  • Vertical and horizontal chart layout.
  • Add padding between your segments.
  • Display your data by absolute or relative numbers.
  • Sort your data separately for each category.

Create your own:

Jul 17

Data Input

NEW We added support to sync your documents with public CSV files from all over the web, and stored in your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive account.

Jul 8

NEW Please welcome the GE-McKinsey Matrix in our portfolio 🎉

Features include:

  • Switch between a square matrix layout and a rectangular layout.
  • Add inner padding between the cells.
  • Show or hide a legend, row, column, or cell headers.
  • Move axes lines from top to bottom or left to right.
Jul 1

NEW More customization options for you. Change the color of any milestone now independently.

Jun 22


NEW Folder can be renamed now! Right-click on any folder and start editing.

NEW You can add a label to each segment now!

The UI of the Timeline received a facelift. We made it easier to

  • position milestones on a timeline
  • change the granularity of the timeline to daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • adjust the date format

NEW Besides that, we added the option to display free text instead of dates!


NEW Uploaded fonts are now accessible while editing a document.
Jun 18

NEW One more chart that was completely revamped recently. Features include:

  • Customizable document layout
  • Set different colors for column headers, segment background and individual competitors

Jun 10
NEW You can now filter a word cloud by the number of characters per word.
NEW You can now switch between the options to make the area proportional to the values or the radius.
May 29

NEW You can adjust the width of the bars when you added a projection to your chart

May 28

Time Series Graph
Bug Fixes

  • Improved axis tick positions for very small ranges of the y-axis
  • Labels and values are at correct positions when you add reference lines or a moving average
We set better defaults for the axis labels when you customize the range of the y-axis
May 25

We have improved the color contrast when you change the opacity.

NEW We added more customization options to the Sum / Difference arrows. Instead of calculations, it is now possible to show free text.

May 15

Waterfall Chart

NEW More options to compare values across bars using Sum/Difference Arrows.

  • Sum
  • Differences
  • Growth rate
  • Ratios
May 8

NEW We have completely revamped our slopegraph!

  • Set colors differently for decreasing, increasing or equal values
  • Adjust the line width for all lines or a single line
  • Show/hide labels, values and legend
  • Change the document layout and much more!

Read more about slopegraphs in our guide.

NEW The label for Sum/Difference Arrows can be moved now.
May 7

NEW We have added the option to change the color of all chevron headers simultaneously.
The UI also received a facelift.

Apr 30

NEW One more chart that got some ❤ recently.

It is now possible to

  • change the document layout 👍
  • change the color of the text 👍
  • change the font size of the content easily 👍
  • spin straw into gold 👎

Bug Fixes

Fractions will be shown correctly up to the nth decimal place.

Apr 24

NEW Multiple bar series can be positioned in three different ways.

  • Grouped — multiple series are arranged side-by-side
  • Stacked — stack overlapping series on top of each another
  • Separate — positions won’t be adjusted, series are displayed overlapping
Apr 20

NEW There is a new chart waiting for you in our portfolio! Use it to display the difference between two values.

You can adjust the size of the dots, switch between a horizontal and vertical chart and more. We added a more a sophisticated example to our gallery.

NEW We added a few styling options to our Value Projection. Now you can:

  • display values in absolute and percentage mode
  • show the category labels above or below the chart (or hide them)
  • change the color of the record labels
  • change the font style of the category and record labels
  • change the layout of the chart itself

Apr 17
NEW We added the option to change the size of the dots.

Time Series Graph
Bug Fixes

We had introduced a bug with the last release. 🙄
Multiple bar series containing missing data are now displayed correctly again.
Apr 15

We also put some ❤ into this chart. It is now possible to adjust the chart’s layout to any dimension.

We put some ❤ into this chart. Adjust the chart’s layout and shape to your liking.

Apr 14

User Experience

We are continuously working to improve your user experience. An even fresher look for our website, and new icons welcome you. Also another Quick Start article was added on how to Customize a theme to help you give your work a unique look.

We did a few improvements to this chart regarding:

  • The user interface was polished for a selected series
  • By default the y axis starts at zero for bar charts and area charts
  • Defaults y axis range was improved when a log scale is applied

Fixed. Also we fixed a bug that didn’t show difference shades correctly on Safari browser.

Mar 31


NEW Theme selection is now much more illustrative. We will continue to work to make using Vizzlo as easy as possible.

Multiple segments in the same activity are now connected through a ribbon


NEW You can now log in with your Microsoft 365 account too.
Mar 24

Data Input

Number and date parsing just got better for Excel files. Drop it into the spreadsheet - decimal and thousand separator will be interpreted correctly as well as special formatting.

Mar 20


We re-designed our main landing page.

Go to and see yourself (but you need to be logged out).


Text annotations can now be easily resized. Simply use on of the drag handlers to adjust the text box to your needs.

Bug Fixes

You can now reset your password again without any issues.
Mar 13


A new dashboard is welcoming you! We’ll keep you updated about new features, promotion, articles. Also you’ll see the document you recently worked on right away.

Welcome home. 🏡

We have added the possibility to show series as grouped bars.

Click on a series and under Series style chose Grouped bars

Dependencies use a improved routing and are at the correct position when you drag segments forth and back

Data Input

Date parsing was improved when the display format is Month Year and you input, e.g. 2 2020 or 4/2020
Mar 6

User Experience

  • NEW From now on, new users will be welcomed by a small selection of examples: get ready to explore and start creating!
  • While editing document, we improved the visibility of the selected elements
  • The interactivity of the dashboard while scrolling has significantly improved🚀
We further improved the automated label positioning for the pie chart! Especially multi-line labels benefit from that and don’t overlap.
Mar 5

Data Viz

NEW It’s now possible to change the text size character by character! Simply select text and use the rich text editor for the customization.

Project Phase Chart

NEW Click on the column header and resize your columns as needed. Visualizing your project flow just became easier.

Click on the lock icon to undo your changes.

Mar 3

User Experience

The sidebar of the visualization editor got a major overhaul!

Properties of the document and selected elements are grouped now. The settings are way easier to access than ever before. Additionally, we introduced a toolbar to quickly allow you to open the spreadsheet or add anotations or analysis series. 🤙


NEW Text annotations can be rotated now.
Input elements got a fresh new look too.
Adding a prefix to the center label is now possible.
Feb 27

Our Pie Chart and Donut Chart have now more beautiful and smarter connectors between slices and labels. To try them on your charts, check the box Align labels

Bug Fixes

Text input: rich text edits will be exported correctly

Waterfall Chart: Existing documents showing difference arrows don’t not crash anymore

Feb 24

We have spent time to improve performance & memory usage.

This results in:

  • a decreased starting time of Vizzlo’s powerpoint add-in by a second, and it
  • makes working with large presentations stabler - especially when working with multiple presentations or running PowerPoint for multiple days

Also we improved our preview images to look nicer and clearer

Better chart icons for PowerPoint

We increased the resolution of embedded Vizzlo graphics in your presentations! 😎

Bug Fixes

Polar Bar Chart: Existing documents will not immediately crash anymore

Organizational Chart: Supports multi-line titles now

Google slides add-on: Any Vizzlo graphic can be added to your presentation again, we introduced a bug with previous release - sorry

Feb 20


There is no “i” in team! We made it easier for you to create a Vizzlo organization. Make collaboration easier by sharing documents, custom themes, and templates. 👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼👨🏾‍🤝‍👨🏻

Feb 18
We have improved the interaction when reorganizing trees. Attaching a subtree to another position works easily.
Feb 17


The selection and editing of text input was improved a lot especially if you have many text elements. We have also laid the foundation to expand the use of the rich text editor.

Bug Fixes

Waterfall Chart: Exported images show correctly updated text when elements are moved.
Feb 13

User Experience

NEW has a fresh, brand new look. ✨

NEW You can now quickly group slices in one bigger “Other” slice to make your chart easier to read.

Pie chart: group smaller slices in a bigger one

NEW Now it’s possible to adjust the start and the end of your activities by simply dragging the handlers on each side

Bug Fixes

Organizational chart: intermediate roles are now positioned correctly when deleting other, unrelated roles.
Feb 7


Vizzlo has brand new notifications!

Bug Fixes

Time Series Graph: The spreadsheet froze for this chart when there was a scale break used together with invalid data.

Timeline Chart: There was a chance you saw a full ISO date format in the sidebar. Should not have happened too often.

Organizational Chart: Boxes will now immediately update upon changing a position to be an intermediate role.

Feb 6


NEW This changelog! 🎉

NEW You can resize the width of the columns now! Simply drag it to the left and right to make your Gantt Chart even better.

Small UX improvements: Selecting (and deleting) a segment will no longer select (and delete) the whole activity anymore. example of a Gantt chart

Milestones are now connected with a line when they get moved away from their position; also the performance of the chart has improved a lot

User Experience

Color picker: it became a lot easier to change the color of an element. Simply click on the color code an edit it!

Quickly insert the HEX of the color of your choice with the new color picker

Bug Fixes

Organizational Chart: there was an update issue when you have changed one entry to be an intermediate role

Time Series Graph: The chart crashed when when you displayed your series as area that contained missing data

Annotations: the drag handler were a bit off when you rotated a line

Jan 31
NEW You can now browse your document history in our desktop app too! Go to File → Document history ... or press Strg/Cmd + Shift + Alt + H to browse your changes.

NEW We have added an option to set the box height or box width for each row individually. That gives you a lot more freedom to tailor your chart according to your needs.

NEW Milestones can now have their own color and shape. Simply click on any milestone and change their appearance in the sidebar.

Besides that we put some ❤ into this chart and improved its usability and performance a lot: dragging activities, adding milestones and segments feels much more smooth and less hectic now.

Jan 24


NEW Document history! Browse versions, restore them or create a new document as a copy. None of your changes will be lost. Click on the chart title in the menu bar and then Document history ... or use the shortcut and press Strg/Cmd + Shift + Alt + H to open it.

Read our help center article for more details.

User Experience
Simple Gantt

NEW You can drag and drop activities vertically now

NEW Milestones can have their own date format independent of axis settings and activity settings.

We also improved the grid line positions and respective date labeling of the horizontal axis. You don’t need to worry about it and we take care of a good format here.

Fixed. The placement of date & description in some edge cases now works as expected.

Stacked Bar Chart
Bug Fixes

NEW You can place category labels now directly to the last bar instead of having them in a legend.

Stacked bar chart: place the category labels to the last bar

Fixed. The number format of sum labels was totally off when you displayed individual values as percentages too. That is now working.

Fixed. There was an updated error of axis labels after you reordered your bars. That is also working now.

We have added support for formatting the number in centered label. Now can be more precise than ever.

Bug Fixes
Data Input

Fixed. There were multiple crashes in our spreadsheet when parsing date data. This should work now without any issues (hopefully).
Jan 16

Bug Fixes

Pie Chart: There was a bug when value labels were aligned. You couldn’t change the category labels to be displayed in the legend.

Gantt Chart: you could see some weird behavior of the chart moving outside of the canvas when you placed a milestone outside of the date range. That is gone now.

Time Series Graph: it was not possible to hide the label of a shade but now everything is back to normal.

User Experience

Small UI improvements for our Waterfall Chart and Pie Chart such that it becomes easier now to switch between different display styles.
Jan 10

Bug Fixes

Gantt Chart: axis labels weren’t centered if your axis domain didn’t cover a whole year

Pie Chart: the tooltip position was off a bit for a selected wedge

Venn Diagram: better position of newly added circles that overlay each other

Time Series Graph: the chart crashed when you deleted data from spreadsheet that was used for an analysis feature

Date parsing of quarters didn’t work as expected in our spreadsheet

Jan 7

We improved the sorting for an even smarter chart. Bubbles will be rendered by their size: largest on bottom, smallest on top so you won’t miss any observation.

Improved sorting for the bubble chart!

NEW. In Analysis, you can now aggregate your observations by summing them over an interval.

Bug Fixes

Small UI improvements and bug fixes for the Pictograph, Time Series Graph and Pie Chart.


Dec 4

Data Input

NEW Auto-syncing your charts to external data became a lot easier: There is now the possibility to browse your cloud connections for files by just a click.
NEW You can now display bubbles even if these represent negative values in your data. 🧐
Performance improvements of the text rendering – resizing columns and writing text is a lot faster now. 🏃‍♀️
Nov 28

NEW The Waterfall chart is now also available in horizontal mode!

NEW We added the possibility to set the minimum size and maximum size of all bubbles to your liking.

NEW We have also added an option to customize the opacity and the border width.

NEW It’s now possible to hide all labels by just one click.

You can now hide all labels in your bubble chart by just one click

And generally, we improved the overall performance of the chart.🎈

Bug Fixes

Fixed some critical bugs in the Pie Chart, Time Series Graphs and Waterfall Chart. 👹
Nov 25
NEW Create templates for your teams! As admin or brand manager of an organization simply create a document in the Templates folder in your documents dashboard.

Data Input
Bug Fixes

NEW. Data in the form of, say [$1, $2, $3] or [1%, 2%, 3%] will be parsed correctly now if you specify a prefix or suffix before data import

Fixed. Empty lines were displayed as <br> in spreadsheet

Fixed. Columns couldn’t be resized for some charts

Fixed. Content inside the spreadsheet wasn’t editable anymore after you used the auto-completion out of bounds

Bug Fixes

Waterfall Chart: for topmost entries of stacked bars a prefixed ‘+’ was missing

Treemap: we mapped the wrong color code to ‘content color’ you set in the theme

Nov 15

Data Input

NEW Sync your documents with external excel files and google sheets files! Go to Spreadsheet --> Connect and simply paste a public link to your data and schedule automated updates.

NEW We have created templates for you! Select to display 2 to 5 circles arranged nicely.

Rotate and slide the circles as you wish. Change their border width and opacity.