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Feb 13


NEW has a fresh, brand new look. ✨

Pie Chart

NEW You can now quickly group slices in one bigger “Other” slice to make your chart easier to read.

Pie chart: group smaller slices in a bigger one

Simple Gantt

NEW Now it’s possible to adjust the start and the end of your activities by simply dragging the handlers on each side

Bug fixes

Organizational chart: intermediate roles are now positioned correctly when deleting other, unrelated roles.
Feb 7


Vizzlo has brand new notifications!

Bug fixes

Time Series Graph: The spreadsheet froze for this chart when there was a scale break used together with invalid data.

Timeline Chart: There was a chance you saw a full ISO date format in the sidebar. Should not have happened too often.

Organizational Chart: Boxes will now immediately update upon changing a position to be an intermediate role.

Feb 6


NEW This changelog! 🎉

Gantt Chart

NEW You can resize the width of the columns now! Simply drag it to the left and right to make your Gantt Chart even better.

Small UX improvements: Selecting (and deleting) a segment will no longer select (and delete) the whole activity anymore. example of a Gantt chart

Simple Gantt

Milestones are now connected with a line when they get moved away from their position; also the performance of the chart has improved a lot


Color picker: it became a lot easier to change the color of an element. Simply click on the color code an edit it!

Quickly insert the HEX of the color of your choice with the new color picker

Bug fixes

Organizational Chart: there was an update issue when you have changed one entry to be an intermediate role

Time Series Graph: The chart crashed when when you displayed your series as area that contained missing data

Annotations: the drag handler were a bit off when you rotated a line

Jan 31

Desktop app

NEW You can now browse your document history in our desktop app too! Go to File → Document history ... or press Strg/Cmd + Shift + Alt + H to browse your changes.

Organizational chart

NEW We have added an option to set the box height or box width for each row individually. That gives you a lot more freedom to tailor your chart according to your needs.

Style your organizational chart setting a width or height per row

Gantt chart

NEW Milestones can now have their own color and shape. Simply click on any milestone and change their appearance in the sidebar.

Besides that we put some ❤ into this chart and improved its usability and performance a lot: dragging activities, adding milestones and segments feels much more smooth and less hectic now.

Jan 24


NEW Document history! Browse versions, restore them or create a new document as a copy. Non of your changes will be lost. Click on the chart title in the menu bar and then Document history ... or use the shortcut and press Strg/Cmd + Shift + Alt + H to open it.

Simple Gantt

NEW You can drag and drop activities vertically now

NEW Milestones can have their own date format independent of axis settings and activity settings.

We also improved the grid line positions and respective date labeling of the horizontal axis. You don’t need to worry about it and we take care of a good format here.

Fixed. The placement of date & description in some edge cases now works as expected.

Stacked Bar Chart
Bug fixes

NEW You can place category labels now directly to the last bar instead of having them in a legend.

Stacked bar chart: place the category labels to the last bar

Fixed. The number format of sum labels was totally off when you displayed individual values as percentages too. That is now working.

Fixed. There was an updated error of axis labels after you reordered your bars. That is also working now.

Radial Percentage Chart

We have added support for formatting the number in centered label. Now can be more precise than ever.

Bug fixes
Data input

Fixed. There were multiple crashes in our spreadsheet when parsing date data. This should work now without any issues (hopefully).
Jan 16

Bug fixes

Pie Chart: There was a bug when value labels were aligned. You couldn’t change the category labels to be displayed in the legend.

Gantt Chart: you could see some weird behavior of the chart moving outside of the canvas when you placed a milestone outside of the date range. That is gone now.

Time Series Graph: it was not possible to hide the label of a shade but now everything is back to normal.


Small UI improvements for our Waterfall chart and Pie chart such that it becomes easier now to switch between different display styles.
Jan 10

Bug fixes

Gantt Chart: axis labels weren’t centered if your axis domain didn’t cover a whole year

Pie Chart: the tooltip position was off a bit for a selected wedge

Venn Diagram: better position of newly added circles that overlay each other

Time Series Graph: the chart crashed when you deleted data from spreadsheet that was used for an analysis feature

Date parsing of quarters didn’t work as expected in our spreadsheet

Jan 7

Bubble Chart

We improved the sorting for an even smarter chart. Bubble will be rendered by their size: largest on bottom, smallest on top so you won’t miss any observation.

Improved sorting for the bubble chart!

Time Series Graph

NEW. In Analysis, you can now aggregate your observations by summing them over an interval.

Bug fixes

Small UI improvements and bug fixes for the Pictograph, Time Series Graph and Pie Chart.


Dec 4

Data input

NEW Auto-syncing your charts to external data became a lot easier: There is now the possibility to browse your cloud connections for files by just a click.

Bubble Chart

NEW You can now display bubbles even if these represent negative values in your data. 🧐

Waterfall Chart

Performance improvements of the text rendering – resizing columns and writing text feels less sluggish now. 🏃‍♀️
Nov 28

Waterfall Chart

NEW The Waterfall Chart gained a horizontal mode!

Horizontal waterfall chart

Bubble Chart

NEW We added the possibility to set the minimum size and maximum size of all bubbles to your liking.

NEW We have also added an option to customize the opacity and the border width.

NEW It’s now possible to hide all labels by just one click.

You can now hide all labels in your bubble chart by just one click

And generally, we improved the overall performance of the chart.🎈

Bug fixes

Fixed some critical bugs in the Pie Chart, Time Series Graphs and Waterfall chart. 👹
Nov 25


NEW Create templates for your teams! As admin or brand manager of an organization simply create a document in the Templates folder in your documents dashboard.

Data input
Bug fixes

NEW. Data in the form of, say [$1, $2, $3] or [1%, 2%, 3%] will be parsed correctly now if you specify a prefix or suffix before data import

Fixed. Empty lines were displayed as <br> in spreadsheet

Fixed. Columns couldn’t be resized for some charts

Fixed. Content inside the spreadsheet wasn’t editable anymore after you used the auto-completion out of bounds

Bug fixes

Waterfall chart: for topmost entries of stacked bars a prefixed ‘+’ was missing

Treemap: we mapped the wrong color code to ‘content color’ you set in the theme

Nov 15

Data input

NEW Sync your documents with external excel files and google sheets files! Go to Spreadsheet --> Connect and simply paste a public link to your data and schedule automated updates.

Venn Diagram

NEW We have created templates for you! Select to display 2 to 5 circles arranged nicely.

Rotate and slide the circles as you wish. Change their border width and brightness.