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Chart Vizzard

Vizzlo's AI-based chart generator
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Vizzlo's desktop app PowerPoint add-in

Quickly create and customize powerful charts and graphs in PowerPoint

Vizzlo for Google Slides

Add stunning Vizzlo graphics to your PowerPoint presentation and impress your audience

Developed to be used together with Vizzlo's desktop app, this add-in for PowerPoint (Windows) empowers you to create designer-grade charts and business graphics without leaving your presentation. Download the app and the add-in to get started!

Vizzlo PowerPoint screenshot

The power of Vizzlo in the
PowerPoint ribbon

You'll find Vizzlo in the PowerPoint ribbon, from which you'll be able to access the whole Vizzlo portfolio, your recent documents, and customize your charts. Choose a chart type or one of your Vizzlo documents, click and drag to add it to your slide. You don't need to leave PowerPoint to edit your charts: just click on them to open the Vizzlo editor.

Vizzlo PowerPoint screenshot

Presentation design made easy

Create impactful slide decks and present data and abstract concepts more professionally with Vizzlo's charts and graphics. They were designed to convey quantitative and qualitative data effectively and to impress your audience. Vizzlo's native add-in fast-tracks adding the charts to your presentations: pull the charts to resize them, and they will automatically fit your slide design. Moreover, it's now easier than ever to choose themes, show or hide titles, margins, and backgrounds.

Save time and enhance your PowerPoint presentations with stunning Gantt charts, timelines, and data-driven graphs

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  • 100% in-app experience
  • Smart resizing
  • Embed local Vizzlo files
  • Easy to create, customize and edit charts
  • Access the entire Vizzlo portfolio

Learn how to use Vizzlo's powerful native add-in
in the Help Center.

Get Vizzlo's bundle with the desktop app
for Windows and the PowerPoint add-in

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