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Share more. Collaborate better.

Preparing presentations together with your team just became easier.

Vizzlo has introduced new sharing features enabling collaboration and enhancing your team’s productivity. Now you can share your charts with view and edit* rights. (*Premium only)

Whether you want to make strategy slides available for your sales team or you need a teammate to review your work, we’ve made it easier for you to share and control the privacy of your Vizzlo documents.

You can edit charts with your colleagues without sending emails back and forth and losing track of their final version. When someone updates a chart, changes will be available for everybody sharing the same document automatically.

Sharing simplified: two ways to share your documents with your team

  1. Invite teammates by searching for their usernames or sending them an email.

  2. Create links using the “view” or “edit” rights and simply copy and paste them into your emails, project management tools, Slack, etc.

Everyone can easily find their shared documents under the “Shared with me” folder.

Premium users can also share folders with many documents inside. This new feature makes working together on an entire presentation deck much more efficient!

PRO TIP: Add the sharing link of your charts/folder to your presenter notes in PowerPoint. Anybody working on the same slide deck will be able to modify (or create a copy of) your Vizzlo graphics.

Transform how your team works together on presentations.

PS: Step-by-step instructions for this and many more features are available in Vizzlo’s Help Center.