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This is why you’ll love creating PowerPoint presentations

Get to know Vizzlo’s new PowerPoint add-in

Last week, we released “Vizzlo — Charts & Business Graphics,” a free PowerPoint add-in, on Microsoft AppSource (this is how they call their Office app store). This add-in is a significant step towards fulfilling our mission to “rescue the presenter,” by making your life easier and your presentations awesome.

In essence, it unifies all Vizzlo browser-based features in a frictionless experience inside PowerPoint.

A real timesaver

Creating visuals aids in PowerPoint means working with its charting tool and single shapes, spending hours trying to align, group, re-dimension, and recolor them, and usually finishing it with an unfortunate result that only its creator could love.

Other tools that can produce stunning visual results are mostly not easy to use. Moreover, using external applications implies having to export and import the visuals to PowerPoint.

Vizzlo tackles this problem as a primary task: it’s effortless to use, requires absolutely no design skills (it always looks great), and, with the drag-and-drop function, we’ve already made it easier and faster to bring the charts from the browser straight into your presentation.

But, we knew this was not enough!

Imagine these situations:

A) You’re rehearsing, the slide deck is practically ready, and you discover a typo in one of your charts.

B) You prepared a perfect presentation some months ago. Now, you must update it for your next meeting. Or, you have a regular presentation routine to report on the status or progress of a project, which needs to be updated from time to time.

C) You’re co-authoring a presentation with your colleagues and some data is still missing or needs to be corrected at the last moment.

In all three cases, you would have had to reimport the updated graphics again. With Vizzlo, it wouldn’t take you too much time, but you would still need to delete the old chart, open your browser, and drag the updated chart into the slide.

The novelty: update your visuals inside PowerPoint in just a few seconds

The new Vizzlo add-in saves these steps: you just need to double-click on the chart inside PowerPoint to start editing it; whenever a visualization is updated on Vizzlo, when you reopen your presentation, the chart is reloaded and automatically updated.

Vizzlo’s PowerPoint add-in connects your presentation to your Vizzlo profile, and you can choose to integrate already existing charts or create new visualizations.

The main benefits at a glance

  • Huge productivity gain: creating designer-grade PowerPoint presentations has became even easier and faster. Moreover, it’s now possible to always keep your slide decks current.

  • More efficient teamwork and greater brand consistency: one chart, used in many presentations and by many teammates, needs to be only created and updated once.

How to install it?

Ready to get started? The add-in is free and installing it is easy as pie. You just need to follow four steps:

Open any PowerPoint file.

  1. Go the tab “Insert.”
  2. Click on “Store” or “My Add-ins.”
  3. Search for Vizzlo.
  4. Press “Add.”

Alternatively, browse the Microsoft AppSource to download it. Check Vizzlo’s Help Center to learn more.

Spice up your PowerPoint presentations with Vizzlo. Create and edit beautiful visualizations in a flash!

We’re looking forward to hearing from your feedback! Do you have questions, suggestions or need any assitance with the new add-in? Send us an email! We’re happy to help and learn where to improve!