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Chart Vizzard

Vizzlo's AI-based chart generator
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Vizzlo for OneDrive

Connect Vizzlo to OneDrive and access your documents wherever you go
Vizzlo for OneDrive

Store and manage Vizzlo documents in OneDrive

Connect Vizzlo to OneDrive and have your visualizations available across all of your devices.

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Organize and backup your work

Create and save your Gannt charts and other business visualizations together with your project documents and keep
your work organized. Use the offline cloud folders and access
your Vizzlo files directly on the Desktop app, no internet connection required. Ensure that you and your team never accidentally delete important documents with the two-stage recycle bin.

Vizzlo OneDrive screenshot

Collaborate on your online documents and share

Invite your collaborators to your shared folder with just a link, collectively manage your Vizzlo documents and your presentations in order to boost your team's workflow. Make the most of your Office 365 subscription by utilizing your cloud storage together with Vizzlo's powerful PowerPoint add-on, and transition effortlessly from your chart to your presentation on the cloud.

Save time by storing and managing your Vizzlo documents in your OneDrive

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  • Store Vizzlo documents directly in OneDrive
  • Keep .VZL files synced across devices
  • Quickly embed your Vizzlo charts into Powerpoint
  • Manage and audit versions using OneDrive Business's activity history
  • Share and manage permissions according to your team's needs

Learn about the advantages and how to use Vizzlo's powerful integration in the Help Center.

Keep and manage your Vizzlo documents in OneDrive