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World Map

A zoomable map for highlighting any number of countries of the world by clicking on them.

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What is a world map?

The world map is a political map of the world that shows the official borders of countries and their location.

Communicating through a map is more visually compelling and informative than showing lists or flags. It provides a broader context to your audience/readers, i.e., how diffused, concentrated, widespread your subject is.

Do you need a map to illustrate the member states of a trade bloc? Do you want to showcase the countries, where your company operates? Use Vizzlo’s world map generator to highlight the countries relevant to your data, and make them stand out in contrast to the non-selected areas.

Add a map of the world to your presentation slides with precisely the information you want to show, by using Vizzlo’s integrations to PowerPoint and Google Slides.

How to make a world map with Vizzlo?

Create a great-looking world map in seconds. Follow these easy steps:

  • Click on a country to highlight it, or look for its name in the search field of the “APPEARANCE” tab.
  • Frame the whole world, a continent, or a region using the “Zoom Level” bar. Click on any piece of land and drag the map around to position it as you wish.
  • By selecting any country you can summon its active card and assign individual colors to your liking.

Pro tip: Use the “ANNOTATIONS” tab to add customizable text fields and lines to make a complete visual presentation of your data.

World map maker: key features
  • Custom colors and fonts
  • Optional labeling of individual elements
  • Custom document formats

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