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Chart Vizzard

Vizzlo's AI-based chart generator
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Vizzlo for Box

Connect Vizzlo to Box and keep all your content on a single platform and simplify your team's workflow
Vizzlo for Box

Store and manage Vizzlo documents in Box

Store your Vizzlo charts and graphics with Box, boost productivity, and securely collaborate with your team

A single cloud to manage all your content, including your Vizzlo documents

Get all related project files organized on a single platform, keep Box synced to your devices and access your documents from anywhere. Easily browse and edit your documents online, using Vizzlo's web application. Alternatively, store your documents in Box and work offline with Vizzlo's desktop app—all your changes will be updated the next time your Box is synced.

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Keep your team in sync

Use Box's collaborative features to stay up to date and ensure you and your team are on the same page. Secure file sharing and granular permissions, version history, and the ability to comment and assign tasks are just some of the Box features available that will make collaborating a breeze.

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Save time by storing and managing
your Vizzlo documents in Box

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  • Store your organizational charts, roadmaps, Gantt charts, and all your Vizzlo documents directly
    in your Box
  • Keep .VZL files synced across your devices
  • Manage and audit versions using Box's version history
  • Share and manage permissions according to your team's needs

Learn about the advantages and how to use Vizzlo's powerful integration in the Help Center.

Keep and manage your Vizzlo documents in Box