Gantt charts, widely used as a tool of visualizing a process flow. The aim is the representation and communication of the scheduling of a project. They allow you to:

  • See all scheduling tasks and their due dates.
  • View who is assigned and responsible for tasks.
  • Spot Relationships between tasks.

That’s why Gantt charts are widely used by Project managers.

What is a project?

A project is an event with a specific objective. In order to achieve the goal, actions must be planned and implemented. The project has a beginning and an end. Important aspects to consider is the question of the available resources e.g. money, time, human capital. Thus, a project is the combination of all the activities necessary to achieve a given result within a limited period and by specified means.

What is a milestone?

Milestones mark important days, key events, or goals along the project timeline. Intermediate dates during a project help you to orientate yourself and assist you in quickly seeing when an important stage has been reached. To make complex projects manageable, a project should be divided into phases. Milestones can represent the end of a concretely defined period with previously defined project tasks. Therefore, milestones are of considerable value for project planning as they allow project managers to determine much more accurately whether the project is on schedule or not. They always mark an important date or include an important appointment, which in fact always has a zero duration.

For example, when an important project phase has been completed or when management meetings are due to take place to decide on how to proceed. Milestones are available for this purpose, which are marked with a dot, diamond, triangle, square, or star in Vizzlo’s Gantt chart.

Once a milestone is added to the chart, you can drag it to a desired date

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