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What is a color fan chart?

A color fan chart is a beautiful choice to demonstrate the diversity of your portfolio or the versatility of one of its products. As its name suggests, it has the form of a color fan deck. Use each slide/color to present the products of your palette/catalog or different features of a single product.

This chart is also an excellent solution to visualize a presentation agenda and offer your audience a concise yet striking topic overview.

Pro tip: color code elements of your slide deck according to your color fan—it will help the navigation of the audience throughout your presentation.

How to make a color fan chart with Vizzlo?

Create your color fan in seconds:

  • Click on any element to directly edit it.
  • Use its respective card in the sidebar as a support to enter your text and change colors.
  • For a perfectly designed color palette, choose a Vizzlo theme exploring the settings of the “APPEARANCE” tab.
Color fan chart maker: key features
  • Custom colors
  • Up to six items

Use Cases
Sales & Marketing Pitchdeck essentials for Startups


Color Fan example: 4fc73178 72e9 451a 8887 F8439744acb7
Color Fan example: Group Lvmh Retailing Brands
Color Fan example: Mobile Network Operators In Germany
Color Fan example: Most Sold Haribos

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