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Graphs Competitive Radar

Competitive Radar

Visualize the positioning of your competition using this radar-like chart.

Competitive Radar example: Competitor Analysis
Competitive Radar example: Market Analysis
Competitive Radar example: Ode to Ice Cream
What is a competitive radar?

Vizzlo’s Competitive Radar will help you to visualize a competitive analysis for your brand efficiently. It helps you to report the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors compared to those of your own business. Every brand can benefit from regular competitor analysis and here is a tool for you to present the results faithfully. The chart is designed to support you in making better strategic decisions.

How to make a competitive radar chart with Vizzlo?
  • Add new market segments by one click on the segments button in the menu bar, or use the ’+ buttons’ displayed on the left and right-hand side of a selected segment.
  • Select a segment and change its title, header color, or background color.
  • Add new competitors by one click on the ‘Add competitor’ button in the menu bar.
  • Select a competitor to adjust its color and title.
  • Use drag and drop simplicity to change the position of any competitor.
Competitive radar maker: key features
  • Add as many segments as you like.
  • Set colors independently for segment headers, segment backgrounds, and competitor labels.
  • Drag and drop competitor labels.


Competitive Radar: What's new?
Jun 18, 2020

NEW One more chart that was completely revamped recently. Features include:

  • Customizable document layout
  • Set different colors for column headers, segment background and individual competitors

Read more in our Changelog.
This vizzard was last updated: 4/23/2024, 1:45:09 PM

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