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Competitive Radar


Visualize the positioning of your competition using this radar-like chart.

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What is a competitive radar?

Assess the strengths and weakness of your competitors in different market segments, using Vizzlo’s competitive radar. This visualization will help you to take/explain better strategic decisions regarding identified opportunities and threats.

How to make a competitive radar chart with Vizzlo?
  • To add a segment, click on “EDIT SEGMENTS” and then “ADD NEW ROW”. To remove a segment, within the same Segments window click the “X” next to the segment you wish to delete.
  • Add the items to the chart using the cards on the sidebar.
  • Adjust the position of the labels inputting coordinates, or by dragging and dropping their bullets on the chart.

Pro-Tip: Remember, an item that is closer to the bottom/center of the radar indicates that is closer to you. Similarly, items that are plotted towards the top of the radar are farther away from you.

Competitive radar maker: key features
  • Custom colors
  • Add up to 10 segments
  • Drag and drop labels

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