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Graphs Cycle Diagram

Cycle Diagram

A circular chart for milestones or recurring processes with up to ten stages.

Cycle Diagram example: Design optimization process
Cycle Diagram example: Data Analysis Process
Cycle Diagram example: David Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle
Cycle Diagram example: Stay up to date in your industry
What is a cycle diagram?

A cycle diagram is a circular chart that illustrates a series of actions or steps that flow to another. Each of its pieces represents a different phase of a cyclic process.

You can use it to represent any process whose output returns repeatedly modifying/influencing the new cycle. From natural processes, like the water cycle and the seasons, to human-made ones, like the methodologies for idea generation, performance optimization and problem-solving, this chart is ideal to visualize the relationships of the cycle phases and to emphasize the notion of a closed chain of self-reinforcing developments.

How to make a cycle diagram with Vizzlo?

Create a beautiful cycle diagram in seconds! Follow these easy steps:

  • Click on the pieces to edit them. You can also use their active cards in the sidebar or the spreadsheet as support to enter your content.
  • In the tab “APPEARANCE” of the sidebar, you can choose your favorite theme or customize one.
  • Explore the other options of this tab to refine the look of your chart: pick number or letters to enumerate your phases, define the labels of your points of departure and arrival, and choose to rotate or not your text.
Cycle diagram maker: key features
  • Custom colors
  • Different enumeration styles: numbers, letters, and none
  • Up to ten phases
Cycle Diagram: What's new?
Read more in our Changelog.
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