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Graphs List of Milestones

List of Milestones

Present your project milestones in a simple and compelling way with this vertical list.

List of Milestones example: 6 tools to burst your filter bubble
List of Milestones example: G20 Agenda: German Presidency 2017
List of Milestones example: Helpful steps on how to board a plane efficiently
List of Milestones example: The four main stages of the water cycle

A clear communication of a project’s milestones is crucial to achieving major goals. This list of milestones is beautiful and easy to create.

List up to 10 main project achievements. Use the drop-down menu “Style of milestones” (tab “APPEARANCE”) to choose how to enumerate your list: with numbers, letters, or leave the circles empty. Uncheck the box “Alternate milestones” to align the flags at the center as a straight vertical list.

Click on the elements, use the cards in the sidebar, and the spreadsheet to enter your information. Give each flag a title and a description. You can optionally add/stress some extra details (e.g., dates, project stages, etc.) over them: just enter this information in the “Subtitle” field. Drag and drop your milestones to reorder them.

List of Milestones: What's new?
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