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List of Milestones

Create List of Milestones

A clear communication of a project’s milestones is crucial to achieving major goals. This list of milestones is beautiful and easy to create.

List up to 10 main project achievements. Use the drop-down menu “Style of milestones” (tab “APPEARANCE”) to choose how to enumerate your list: with numbers, letters, or leave the circles empty. Uncheck the box “Alternate milestones” to align the flags at the center as a straight vertical list.

Click on the elements, use the cards in the sidebar, and the spreadsheet to enter your information. Give each flag a title and a description. You can optionally add/stress some extra details (e.g., dates, project stages, etc.) over them: just enter this information in the “Subtitle” field. Drag and drop your milestones to reorder them.

Use Cases
Project Management

Example List of Milestones
Example List of Milestones
Example List of Milestones
Example List of Milestones

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