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Multiple Pies Chart

Create Multiple Pies Chart
  • Custom colors and numbers
  • Optional sorting by value
  • Add up to six pies
What is the multiple pies chart?

The multiple pies chart is a kind of visualization in which multiple pies are plotted together, side by side.

While a single pie chart is used to visualize the part-to-whole relationship within one group, the multiple pies are mostly used to visualize and compare data of a category across different groups. For example, if you want to illustrate the market shares of a brand in diverse markets, the multiple pies are the right visualization choice for you.

You can also use the multiple pies chart to highlight sections/illustrate the breakdown of a traditional circle chart (making the differences more explicit). Or to present key facts/data about your topic.

How to make a multiple pies chart with Vizzlo?

Plot up to six pie charts side by side using this intuitive vizzard. Follow these easy steps:

  • Click on the elements to select and directly edit them.
  • Alternatively, use the active cards or the spreadsheet to enter your data.
  • Use the “x” or “+” buttons on the chart to delete or add a new pie.
  • Explore the options of the tab “APPEARANCE” to customize your pie charts: you can sort them by size, custom the number format, hide percentage labels, and choose to use just one color for all of them.

Use Cases
Finance & Economics


Multiple Pies Chart example: Indian Marketshare In The Affordable Smartphone Segment
Multiple Pies Chart example: Industrial Executives Prioritize Big Data
Multiple Pies Chart example: Sales Of Physical Music Formats As A Share Of Total
Multiple Pies Chart example: The Income Gap In Voting

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