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Make beautiful pie charts

Our free online chart maker helps you create pie charts in no time. Online, in PowerPoint or Google Slides.
Pie Chart Example
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How to make a pie chart?

Create a pie chart in minutes with Vizzlo's free pie chart maker.

  1. Browse Vizzlo’s portfolio and search for ‘pie’
  2. To use the pie chart maker, create a new pie chart
  3. Add your data, either by copy’n’paste or by importing an Excel, CSV or Google sheet
  4. Customize colors, fonts, backgrounds and more
  5. Export as PDF and PNG, or embed in PowerPoint and Google Slides

Pie chart maker key features

Color your pie chart slice by slice, add a legend, label your pie chart, and more with Vizzlo’s pie chart generator.

Add your data easily
Let Vizzlo do the maths for you – with Vizzlo’s pie chart generator, you turn your raw data into a beautiful pie chart easily. Open the spreadsheet and add your data. That is it.
Change colors with a few clicks
Use color to draw focus on your main story. Easily change the colors of your pie chart to make it stand out.
Turn your pie into a donut
Switch from a pie chart to a donut chart with one click. Add a center label, group slices together, and much more.

What is a pie chart?

A pie chart is a circular chart that resembles a pie. It is divided into slices to illustrate numerical proportions. The size of each slice is relative to its portion of the whole. A pie chart always represents 100%. Pie charts work best for 6 slices or fewer otherwise, they become hard to read and understand. Like any data visualization, a pie chart should give information at a glance.
A donut chart, or doughnut chart, is an alternative of the pie chart, with a blank circle in the center, allowing for an additional label to be included. Just like a pie chart, a donut chart shows proportions. You can use both interchangeably. Pie charts and donut charts are widely used in business presentations and reports.

Try the only pie chart maker that works in PowerPoint and Google Slides

Create pie charts directly
in PowerPoint with the Vizzlo add-in
Download Vizzlo Desktop for Windows

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Vizzlo saves you time.
Insert and update your charts quickly
from within Google Slides
Open Vizzlo in the GSuite Marketplace

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