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Graphs Thumbs Up and Down Chart

Thumbs Up and Down Chart

What was good about a project and what was bad? What do you like, what not? Show it using the thumbs signal.

Create Thumbs Up and Down Chart

Despite a few different cultural connotations, the thumbs signal is a quite universal hand gesture indicating approval or disapproval. Thanks to social media, it has also become a powerful and straightforward visual sign for giving feedback on positive and negative aspects of any project.

In Vizzlo’s “Thumbs Up and Down” chart, you can regulate the size of each thumb with a slider. Enter your data directly in our spreadsheet, or in the cards on the sidebar. By using this or any of our vizzards, you will surely get thumbs up for your presentation!

Thumbs Up and Down Chart: What's new?
Apr 30, 2020

NEW One more chart that got some ❤ recently.

It is now possible to

  • change the document layout 👍
  • change the color of the text 👍
  • change the font size of the content easily 👍
  • spin straw into gold 👎
Read more in our Changelog.
This vizzard was last updated: 6/6/2024, 11:21:54 AM

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