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Give your presentations a holiday twist!

New charts, a holiday theme, and magic…

Carols, cookies, calories, decoration, parties, gifts…. Besides all the Christmas treats, the festivities begin with work overload and year-end deadlines, work-life balance conflicts and family issues, thoughts about the year ahead and a lot of bills.

While everybody is fighting own battles, it is hard to keep a team motivated and to make the office life, despite all the duties, light-hearted. In this situation, end-of-year presentations usually are seen as one more of those obligations to fulfil—for the presenter, and for the attendees. Being honest, the office parties are way more entertaining.

End-of-year presentations are a necessary evil, and they are also a great chance. They’re good to bring people together (most of us get sentimental over the holiday season), review performances, and communicate the goals for the new year.

For all these reasons, some of us feel an enormous pressure and try hard to make these presentations something extraordinary. One popular strategy is to enhance the slideshow with Santas and many effects, making it more Christmassy. But while wearing ugly sweaters and socks in the office is funny, we would not recommend applying the same kitsch to your slides!

To help you create a stellar end-of-year presentation, we’ve prepared some treats to add a Christmas touch to your slide deck and delight your audience!

A new holiday theme

A merry combination of a warm color palette, a playful Christmas font, and snow magic, to easily apply to all Vizzlo graphics and create whole holiday-themed presentations.

Jazzed-up versions of all Vizzlo’s Christmas charts

We’ve enhanced our holiday specials to make them easier to create and let you shine:

  1. The new Christmas tree chart works like a pyramid chart, i.e., it’s ideal to display priorities and hierarchies.
  1. Vizzlo’s seasoned Christmas donut chart will make your presentation much sweeter.
  1. We’ve also improved the Christmas ball chart. Use it to present the agenda of a year-end meeting or the program of your Christmas event.
  1. And the Christmas bar chart which is impossible not to love.

The new circular agenda

Finally, to close the season and give you a beautiful visualization option to plan and have an overview into 2018, we’ve entirely adapted the circular agenda.

It supports now more granularities—day (12h and 24h) and year views—and is incredibly easy to create.

Choose it to visualize your milestones for the next year or recurring events and activities!

We wish you a wonderful holiday season with your colleagues and loved ones! And we hope you’ll enjoy creating your holiday-themed presentations! You’ll see, it works like a spell on your audience! Try it now! :)