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Graphs Alarm Clock Chart

Alarm Clock Chart


This alarm clock will be ideal to demonstrate the balance time in your presentation.

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What is an alarm clock chart?

This Alarm Clock Chart can be used to demonstrate the flow of time for your project or presentation. With this simple chart you have the ability to visually convey the amount of time it takes for you to achieve a task. Time management—the key to success.

How to make an alarm clock chart with Vizzlo?

  • Simply drag the edge of angle within the clock’s face or use the “Time” slider on the sidebar.
  • Add custom text to replace the default minutes label.

Alarm clock chart maker: key features

  • Custom colours and label formatting
Alarm Clock Chart: What's new?
Apr 15, 2020

We also put some ❤ into this chart. It is now possible to adjust the chart’s layout to any dimension.

Read more in our Changelog.
This vizzard was last updated: 2/29/2024, 1:45:52 PM

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