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Graphs Battery Chart

Battery Chart


This diagram will be the best choice for representing your business processes.

Battery Chart example: "A yawn is a silent scream for coffee"
Battery Chart example: Avoiding Student Burnout
Battery Chart example: Hello, Weekend!
Battery Chart example: Parents of Twin Babies
Battery Chart example: POWER-UP YOUR SALES TEAM

What is a battery chart?

The battery is a pictoral chart that can be used to visualize a ratio or residual value. Go ahead and add some energy to your presentation.

How to make a battery chart?

  • Adjust the battery level by dragging the handle with the battery itself or by using the “RATIO” slider located on the “APPEARANCE” tab.
  • Change the title of the battery to suit your specific needs

Battery chart maker: key features

  • Custom colors and label formatting
Battery Chart: What's new?
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