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Graphs Long Process Diagram

Long Process Diagram

A visually attractive way to explain longer processes of a specific project or your day-to-day operations.

Long Process Diagram example: Hiring process
Long Process Diagram example: Kotter's 8 steps for leading change
What is the long process diagram?

A long process diagram is a graphical representation of the multiple steps that lead to the fulfillment of a complex task.

Documenting and visualizing processes is an efficient way to formalize and communicate routines, make how-to knowledge accessible and ensure the consistency and the quality of the work to be done.

How to make a long process diagram with Vizzlo?

The Long Process diagram is very easy to create and to read. Make yours online, in just a few minutes!

  • Click on any element of the chart to start editing it.
  • Alternatively, use the active cards in the sidebar to enter your data and define custom colors. You might also import or copy and paste your data into Vizzlo’s spreadsheet.
  • Drag and drop the shapes to reposition them.
  • Explore the “APPEARANCE” tab to fine-tune the look of your chart.
Process diagram: key features
  • Custom colors
  • Optional enumeration
Long Process Diagram: What's new?
Read more in our Changelog.
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