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Ribbon Bar Chart

Create Ribbon Bar Chart
  • Custom number formats and colors
  • Optional enumeration and labeling of individual values
  • Optional sorting by value
What is a ribbon bar chart?

A ribbon bar chart is, like its name suggests, a bar chart in ribbon format that allows plotting and comparing categories while providing a more detailed description/background information to the data.

This bar chart is also a great solution to present your project’s milestones plan and its progress. It works perfectly as a ranking list with values as well.

Its ribbon format conveys a dynamic idea and looks beautiful.

How to make a ribbon bar chart with Vizzlo?

Vizzlo’s ribbon bar chart is highly customizable and very easy to create. Follow these simple steps:

  • Click on any element to directly edit it.
  • You can also use its respective card in the sidebar as a support to change values and colors; or just copy and paste your data into Vizzlo’s spreadsheet (click the button “EDIT DATA IN SPREADSHEET”).
  • Choose or customize a theme exploring the settings of the “APPEARANCE” tab.

Use Cases
Project Management


Ribbon Bar Chart example: Project Phase Progress
Ribbon Bar Chart example: The Paradise Papers Data Compared To The Biggest Leaks Of The Past Four Years
Ribbon Bar Chart example: The Top 5 Most Promising Startups

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