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Graphs Pyramid Chart

Pyramid Chart

A beautiful and highly customizable pyramid diagram with up to ten levels.

Pyramid Chart example: AIDA MODEL
Pyramid Chart example: Biomass pyramid
Pyramid Chart example: News & Content Writing: The Inverted Pyramid Method
Pyramid Chart example: The Recruiting Process Pyramid
What is a pyramid chart?

The pyramid chart is a triangle diagram used to represent hierarchies visually. The triangle is divided into sections, illustrating vertically top-down/broad-narrow structures and processes. An inverted pyramid functions as a funnel chart as well.

This chart is widely used to visualize any hierarchy: from priorities to social structures (e.g., social classes or management levels in organizational structures); and steps of processes that lead to narrowing down or sharpening input elements (e.g., leads in a sales or marketing funnel or candidates in a recruiting pyramid—in other words, processes that might also involve filtering methods).

How to create a pyramid chart with Vizzlo?

This vizzard is the fastest and most beautiful alternative to any ready PowerPoint/slide template. Make your pyramid chart online with ease:

  • Click on any element to start editing it.
  • Drag and drop the sections to rearrange them as you wish.
  • Use Vizzlo’s spreadsheet to import or copy and paste your whole text information (section titles and descriptions) quickly.
  • In the tab “APPEARANCE” of the sidebar, explore the Vizzlo themes to choose your preferred font-color combination.
  • Alternatively, fully customize your pyramid to match your corporate identity.
Pyramid chart maker: key features
  • Custom colors
  • Up to ten segments
  • Inverted pyramid (funnel chart)
Pyramid Chart: What's new?
Read more in our Changelog.
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