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Word Cloud

Create Word Cloud
  • Custom colors
  • Custom text placement/layouting options
  • Adjustable number of words
  • Phrases and keywords
What is a word cloud?

A word cloud (also known as “tag cloud” or “weighted list”) is an intelligible and beautiful way to visualize text data. The more frequent the word is in a text, the heavier is its weight in the cloud.

Transform articles, customer feedback, speeches, and any text into a straightforward word cloud. Communicate key concepts with an easy to grasp and beautiful visualization.

How to make a word cloud with Vizzlo?

Follow these easy steps to make own word cloud in just a few seconds:

  • Copy and paste your text into the field “Text” on the sidebar—the word cloud will be automatically generated for you.
  • Exclude some terms (e.g., articles and pronouns) by entering these separately in the field “Words to filter from text.”
  • You can include keywords and phrases that don’t appear in your text, and define their size manually. Click on the “+” button on the chart, or on the tab “DATA” of the sidebar, choose to “ADD KEYWORD” and adjust its size and color.
  • Alternatively, use the spreadsheet to enter a word list you wish to display.
  • Explore the text placement options in the tab “APPEARANCE” and choose your favorite layout.
  • Try the different themes or customize one to switch colors and fonts.

Pro tip: the choice of the typeface is crucial to set the tone for your message.

Example Word Cloud
Example Word Cloud
Example Word Cloud
Example Word Cloud

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