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Progress Bar Chart

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What is a progress bar chart?

The progress bar graph displays filled bars that proportionally indicate how much of a planned activity or goal has been completed.

After defining your project goals and milestones, this chart helps you to visualize and keep track of your team’s work.

How to make a progress bar chart with Vizzlo?

Make an elegant progress bar chart online to visualize and communicate the status of your project with ease.

  • Select any bar to edit it.
  • Use the active cards to change labels, values and to highlight the selected bar.
  • You can also use Vizzlo’s spreadsheet to enter your data.

Pro tip: If your team has exceeded the goals (we, too, think that’s great!), the chart will display any progress made beyond 100%.

Progress bar chart maker: key features
  • Custom colors
  • Highlighted bars
  • Optional labeling of values
  • Displays exceeded goals

Use Cases
Project Management

Example Progress Bar Chart
Example Progress Bar Chart
Example Progress Bar Chart
Example Progress Bar Chart

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