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Graphs BCG Matrix

BCG Matrix

Carry out a portfolio analysis to help you allocate resources efficiently and devise a successful business strategy.

BCG Matrix example: APPLE: BCG Matrix
BCG Matrix example: Coca-Cola Brazil
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What is a BCG matrix?

The BCG matrix (also known as growth-share matrix, product portfolio matrix, and Boston Consulting Group analysis) is an analytical tool to rank products or strategic business units based on their relative market share and growth rate. As a strategic business framework, it helps to assess the performance of different elements of a portfolio individually as well as its overall balance (able to fund growth opportunities and assure future competitive advantages), and guide the placement of priorities and resources.

It’s a 2x2 matrix organized along two axes: market share and growth. These are also often described, respectively, as the “ability to generate cash/cash generation” and the “need for cash/cash usage,” assuming that significant market shares are an indicator of positive performance and supporting higher growth rates is more resource demanding.

The quadrants “cash cow” and “dog” present a low growth rate—most probably, already operating in mature markets and industries. Compared to each other, the cash cow, as its name suggests, is profitable and consolidated with a substantial market-share; whereas the dog operates with low or even negative cash returns.

The quadrants “star” and “question marks” operate in high growth industries or markets. Stars, also observed as the “future cash cows,” are resource-intensive but also present a high market share, growth prospects, and positive results. Comparatively, “question marks” have lower market shares and weaker performance.

How to create a BCG matrix with Vizzlo?

This vizzard offers you a straightforward and elegant matrix that allows you to focus on what matters: your SWOTs. Follow these few steps to create yours with ease:

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