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Graphs Milestones as Arrow

Milestones as Arrow

Point out up to ten events along a project development with this milestone plan plotted as an arrow.

Milestones as Arrow example: 7 Steps to Starting Your Own Business
Milestones as Arrow example: Best practices for all of your benefits challenges
Milestones as Arrow example: Five steps in the design thinking process
Milestones as Arrow example: The European Youth Award Contest
  • Intermediate steps
  • Different enumeration styles: numbers, letters, and none
  • Custom colors
What is a milestones as arrow chart?

This chart is a sophisticated variation of a simple milestone plan. It can illustrate a sequence of events or stages towards a goal, as well as a process flow with consecutive steps.

Because the arrow evolves upwards, this chart is a powerful visualization that conveys the idea of progress and growth, as well as a sense of success/achievement.

How to create a milestones as arrow chart?

The milestones as arrow chart is engaging and very easy to create:

  • Click on the elements to start editing them.
  • Drag and drop the milestones to reorder them.
  • Use the active cards in the sidebar to customize colors.
  • Optionally enter your data using the spreadsheet.
Milestones as Arrow: What's new?
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