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Project Phase Chart


A chevron chart to visualize the whole life cycle of your project, detailing its phases and processes/activities.

5 Phases Of Project Management Big example: 5 Phases Of Project Management
  • Project Phase Chart example: 5 Phases Of Project Management
  • Project Phase Chart example: Lunar Expedition
  • Project Phase Chart example: Practices Over Time
  • Project Phase Chart example: Product Development Process
What is a project phase chart?

A project phase chart (also known as process chart) is a detailed chevron list to visualize sequential project phases or process flows.

Visually dividing projects or complex processes into phases and defining activities and deliverables for each of them will help your team to meet all requirements at the end. The flexible structure of this vizzard allows you to segment the phases into groups of processes or activities (stages) and to visualize the whole project life cycle. You can either organize the chevrons vertically or horizontally and describe your phases’ many stages.

How to make a project phase chart with Vizzlo?
  • Click on any element to directly enter your data. Or, if you prefere, use Vizzlo’s spreadsheet to copy and paste or import your data.
  • Right click above the chevrons to add milestones. Or use the button “EDIT MILESTONES” (tab DATA) to edit them or add new ones.
  • Drag and drop milestones, phases, and stages to rearrange them.
  • Use the cards in the sidebar as support to enter your data and choose custom colors, in case you need to highlight critical phases or grey out past phases.
  • Explore the layout settings option to choose the orientation of the chevrons and choose to enumerate your phases.
Project phase chart: key features
  • Vertical and horizontal chevrons
  • Project milestones
  • Custom colors
  • Optional enumeration of phases

Pro tip: adjust font sizes and hyphenate manually to optimize the chart. Don’t forget: keep it concise and easy to read!

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