Gantt Chart

This detailed Gantt chart was designed to assist project managers in planning and communicating their projects, assigning activities to team members and tracking work progress. It makes easy to set milestones and deadlines, visualize the work breakdown structure of the project, as well as dependencies.

First, hover the mouse over the chart and its elements. You will see that the whole chart is interactive. You just need to click on any element to select and start editing it. Explore the right–click option with a range of possibilities to help you creating new activities and adjusting the chart.

On the sidebar, you’ll find several checkboxes and set options to arrange the table as you wish—showing and hiding frames and grids of columns, as well as setting their granularity. Here, you can also set the start and end date of your project, insert shades to highlight specific periods and define important project–related milestones.

Use the cards (also on the sidebar) as a support to enter the start and end dates of your activities (segments), activities’ milestones, dependencies, and progress.

Check the Help Center for an easy and more comprehensive tutorial!