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Stacked Bar Chart


Highlight the part-to-whole relationships of categories and compare various groups with this stacked bar graph.

Netflix Share Of Global Audience Big example: Netflix Share Of Global Audience
  • Stacked Bar Chart example: Netflix Share Of Global Audience
  • Stacked Bar Chart example: Smart Assistants
  • Stacked Bar Chart example: Total Revenue Per Student
  • Stacked Bar Chart example: Uk General Election 2017
What is a stacked bar chart?

A stacked bar chart displays a part-to-whole relationship among categories within various groups. The columns representing the groups are divided into smaller segments, making the proportions and relationship of the categories to each group explicit. Because the bars visually aggregate all categories, this graph is ideal for highlighting sharp differences of composition, and is particularly useful to compare the total values across groups of data.

How to make a stacked bar chart with Vizzlo?

Make a sophisticated stacked bar chart with ease:

  • On the tab “DATA” of the sidebar, click on the “CATEGORIES” button to name your series and define their colors.
  • Then select a column to edit it using the active cards on the sidebar; or use the spreadsheet to quickly enter your data.
  • Finally, explore the customization options of the “APPEARANCE” tab to choose your display preferences.

Pro tip: If there is no part-to-the whole relationship or if you want to emphasize the comparison of the individual categories, consider creating a grouped bar chart.

Stacked bar chart maker: key features
  • Multiple series
  • Vertical and horizontal views
  • Custom number formats and colors
  • Custom axes and grid
  • Optional labeling of individual and sum values
  • Adjustable min/max values for y-axis

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