Grouped Bar Chart

  • Multiple series
  • Vertical and horizontal views
  • Custom number formats and colors
  • Custom axes and grid
  • Optional labeling of individual values
  • Adjustable min/max values for y-axis
What is a grouped bar chart?

A grouped bar chart, also known as clustered bar graph, multi-set bar chart, or grouped column chart, is a type of bar graph that is used to represent and compare different categories of two or more groups. Because the categories are grouped and arranged side-by-side, the bar clusters make easy to interpret the differences inside a group, and even between the same category across groups.

How to make a grouped bar chart with Vizzlo?

Make a grouped bar chart following these easy steps:

  • On the tab “DATA” of the sidebar, click on the button “CATEGORIES” to name them.
  • Then select a group on the chart to edit it using the active cards on the sidebar.
  • You can also use Vizzlo’s spreadsheet to enter your data more efficiently. Just copy and paste it from your source.
  • Finally, try the customization options of the tab “APPEARANCE” to choose your preferences regarding the axes, grid, and colors.

Pro tip: If there is a part-to-the whole relationship or if you want to emphasize the comparison among the total sum of the groups, consider creating a stacked bar chart.

Use Cases
Finance & Economics Sales & Marketing


Grouped Bar Chart example: American Public Wary Of Biomedical Enhancements
Grouped Bar Chart example: Portion Of Female Roles In Annual Top 100 Grossing Films
Grouped Bar Chart example: Preferences In Specific Social Media Site Usage
Grouped Bar Chart example: The Mobile Ad Spend Gap

Example Grouped Bar Chart
Example Grouped Bar Chart
Example Grouped Bar Chart
Example Grouped Bar Chart