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Graphs Layered Timeline

Layered Timeline

Make an attractive timeline to visualize overlapping and concurrent processes with ease.

What is a layered timeline?

A layered timeline is a graphical visualization of time periods that might or not overlap. Compared to a standard timeline that shows pinpointed single events, the layered timeline accurately expresses the duration/length of whole processes or events. Like in a Gantt chart, each bar/layer represents one process/task, with a start and an end date.

Vizzlo's layered timeline is elegant and very intelligible. All elements are easy to identify: even if your tasks/processes happen at the same time, they get organized into visible overlapping layers, with different colors and sizes.

How to make a layered timeline with Vizzlo?

Use this designer-grade timeline to illustrate processes or project tasks and milestones in a matter of minutes! Follow these easy steps to create your chart online:

  • Click on any layer to directly edit it. You can also use the active card on the sidebar as a support to enter your data.
  • Pull the sides to adjust the length/duration of your processes.
  • Grab the dotted handles on the top of the layers to rearrange them.
  • Drag and drop the layers to adjust their position along the time axis.
  • Hover the mouse below the time axis to add your milestones.
  • Explore the possibilities of the "APPEARANCE" tab to refine the look of your timeline.
Layered timeline: key features
  • Custom date formats and colors
  • Optional milestones
  • Adjustable height

Pro tip: Quickly add a larger amount of data using the spreadsheet. Make sure to match the date formats before you import or paste your data.

Layered Timeline: What's new?
Sep 13, 2023

The maximum amount of records is increased to 100.

Read more in our Changelog.
This vizzard was last updated: 2023-09-13T17:12:32+02:00

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