Timeline Chart

A graphic timeline is a very effective way to visualize information over time. Whether for project management purposes or to outline historical events, you can plot time-related information as a sequence of points, whereas the length of the interspaces is proportional to the temporal duration of the periods in between the main events.

Our timeline vizzard allows you to set the granularity (the organization of the information) as exact dates, weeks, months, quarters or years. In case you just want to plot a sequence of events without defining the time, choose here the option “none.”

After determining the granularity, you can quickly add a list of milestones with their respective titles and short descriptions. To do this, you can either use the spreadsheet or just click on any text element of the chart to edit it. Use the pop-over or the card on the right column to enter your text and pick a date. Click on the “wheel” symbol beside the date field to select your preferred date format (we support a myriad of languages and styles). Dates can be plotted alongside the timeline or together with the milestones’ labels (use the checkbox to choose).

Click on the time-axis to add a new milestone or a scale break (this option is especially useful to plot a timeline with significant time gaps). You can also re-arrange any element by drag and drop.

If representation accuracy is not the highest priority for your graphic, you can optionally evenly distribute the milestones on the timeline, giving it a cleaner look. To do so, check the respective box.