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Population Pyramid

Break down demographics with this population pyramid.

China Big example: China
  • Population Pyramid example: China
  • Population Pyramid example: Stable Stationary Pyramid
  • Population Pyramid example: The World Population
  • Population Pyramid example: United Arab Emirates

What is a population pyramid?

A population pyramid (or age-sex pyramid) is a visual representation of the distribution of age and sex within a given population. The population pyramid is often used to interpret the stage of demographic transition or visualize the current/future state of a given population. For instance, a pyramid with a wide top half and a narrow base is indicative of an aging population with lower fertility rates.

How to make a population pyramid with Vizzlo?

Create a stunning population pyramid in a matter of seconds by following these simple steps:

  • Click on a bar and drag the handles left or right to increase each side accordingly.
  • Add additional bars by clicking the “plus” buttons on each bar. Alternatively, go to the “DATA” tab and click on “+ ADD BAR.”
  • Want to quickly enter a larger quantity of data? No problem, open up the spreadsheet (tab “DATA” and copy and paste your data into the corresponding fields.)
  • Explore additional customization options on the “APPEARANCE” tab to add your finishing touches.

Population pyramid maker: key features

  • Custom number formats and colors
  • Options for different label layouts
  • Percentage mode
  • Adjustable max value for x-axis

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