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Graphs Tornado Chart

Tornado Chart

Create a tornado chart to analyze and evaluate decisions.

Create Tornado Chart

What is a tornado chart?

A tornado chart (also tornado diagram) is a variation of the butterfly chart, in which the bars are organized in descending order—the shape is similar to that of a tornado, hence the name.

A tornado chart is a graphical representation of a sensitivity analysis that demonstrates the correlation between values and a given output. By determining which variables have the largest impact on the outcome, one can assess the risk and make a decision.

How to make a tornado chart with Vizzlo?

Ready to blow the uncertainty away with a tornado chart? Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Click on a bar to start editing. Adjust the size of each bar using the handles, or use the respective cards in the sidebar.
  • Alternatively, paste or import your data directly into Vizzlo’s spreadsheet.
  • Adjust the look and feel of your chart on the “APPEARANCE” tab.
  • Explore the preset Vizzlo themes, or customize your own in order to make adjustments to colors and fonts.

Tornado chart maker: key features

  • Custom number formats
  • Custom lines, grid, and colors
  • Optional labeling of individual values
  • Left-aligned or centered layout
Tornado Chart: What's new?
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