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Line Graph

Create Line Graph
  • Multiple series
  • Lines or filled areas
  • Straight line segments, smoothly interpolated curves or steps
  • Custom x-axis: values (number) or categories (text)
  • Adjustable axes and ranges
  • Custom number formats
  • Optional labeling of individual values
  • Optional labeling of closing/end values
  • Custom colors and fonts
  • Custom gridlines
What is a line graph?

In a line graph (also called line chart or line plot) the data points of a series are plotted in sequential order and connected by a continuous line which reveals trends over the x-axis. You can use this vizzard also to represent ordinal data since its x-axis can be used as a category axis (ordinal scale).

Pro tip: Want to compare data over time? Try Vizzlo’s Time Series Graph.

What is the difference between a line graph and an area chart?

In an area chart, the areas between the horizontal axis and the series’ lines are filled with colors.

Both charts can be used to visualize one single series or to compare multiple series over a category or value scale. This graph maker enables you to choose between them or even combine lines and areas.

Because areas often overlap with each other, they can be more difficult to understand than lines. To minimize this risk and facilitate comprehension, the areas in this vizzard have light transparency.

How to make a line or an area chart with Vizzlo?

Making a great-looking line or area graph with Vizzlo is easy:

  • On the tab “DATA” of the sidebar, click on the button “SERIES” to name your series. If necessary, add new rows.
  • Use the spreadsheet to enter or import your data quickly.
  • Before pasting or importing your data into Vizzlo’s spreadsheet, choose the x-axis type (value or category) and make sure number formats are matching your data source. Click on the “wheel” icons of the columns to match your settings.
  • Click on the lines to define their styles.
  • Explore the customization options of the tab “APPEARANCE” to choose your display preferences and refine the look of the chart.

Use Cases
Finance & Economics

Example Line Graph
Example Line Graph
Example Line Graph
Example Line Graph
Example Line Graph

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